AMS Bowfishing BIG 30 Challenge

The NEW annual AMS Bowfishing’s Big 30 Challenge is the first ever annual tournament with a guaranteed first place payout of $5000 put up by AMS Bowfishing. Here at AMS Bowfishing we feel that this tournament is a great way for us to give back to the bowfishing community. If it wasn’t for all of our great loyal customers, dealers, and fans we couldn’t be the company we are today. This tournament has tons of door prizes and is a 100% payout meaning 100% of the money from entries goes back into the hands of the top competitors.

The Big 30 is held at the Mead County fairgrounds in Brandenburg, Kentucky on August 11-12 and is an all-night tournament. During the 8pm to 8am shoot teams are allowed to cover 70 miles of the Ohio River and weigh in their 30 largest fish. Typically teams will weigh in Bigheads, Grass Carp, or Silver Carp but that doesn’t mean you can’t shoot other fish. There are also bow prizes for the heaviest Gar, heaviest Buffalo Carp, heaviest Grass Carp, Heaviest Bighead and many others which can win various prizes such as gift certificates and hunting accessories.

We do have a certified scale on hand at this tournament for the possibility of a new state record fish. Last year at the first annual tournament someone shot a new Kentucky state record Silver Carp weighing in at 31lbs 6.4oz which beat the old record by a half pound! Not only does this tournament provide you with great camaraderie between teams and lots of prizes but AMS Bowfishing will have a cook out starting at noon on Saturday for all the teams including the ever so famous Wisconsin Cheese Curds.

For video: CLICK HERE

The 2nd annual Tournament is going to be at the same location on the second weekend in August we already have 25 teams pre-registered which puts you into a drawing to win a $200 gas card as long as you register at least a week before the tournament. Also the sooner you register the better position you will be in to leave the parking lot. Join us this year at the AMS Bowfishing’s Big 30 Challenge 2 for a great time and lots of prizes! For more information on the tournament and registration visit us at which has all the results from last year’s competition and what is planned for this year.