Mathews Selects Atsko

Mathews dealers across the world now have a new line of products on their shelves. Atsko, the world leader in authentic scent suppression and detergents to keep you and your clothes odor free has teamed up with Mathews Lost Camo. The same great products that you’ve always used are now available in a new look.

Research has confirmed that deer are able to see the UV in your camo. Now you can get Atsko UV-KILLER at your Mathews dealer and treat your clothes for the hunt.

Mathews has selected Atsko for the product category that will keep you scent free and invisible to the eyes of a whitetail deer.

Your hunt must be cloaked in a scent barrier that will fool even the wariest whitetail. But is that even possible? Covering up human odor has never worked. A better strategy is to use science to eliminate smelly detergent residue and human odor with Sport-Wash Detergent. Sport-Wash is the only engineered detergent that uses a straight carbon chain molecule to rip out and rinse out old residue and odors.

The same engineered soap is available for hair and body use. It is called Atsko Hair and Body Soap. Like Sport-Wash it rinses completely, leaving nothing for the deer to smell.

The top coat of scent suppression is often sprayed on clothing and boots but what is it really? Atsko’s N-O-DOR Spray is science in a bottle. It uses a sophisticated,  human friendly formula that combines with the chemistry of oxidation to eliminate the organic debris that feed bacteria and oxidizes the odorous byproducts that can give you up to the nose of a whitetail.

Another scientific strategy developed by Atsko, that is now being copied across the industry, is Abscents Powder, which gathers and locks odors. These micro-particles are honeycombs with an attractive surface area. They work by an attracting charge which sucks in odors and holds them, not letting them into the wind stream. A single tablespoon of Abscents Powder has the same surface area as a football field. Great to dust into boots, across a deer decoy or dust the interior of your pop-up blind.

This fall go to your favorite Mathews dealer and get aboard on a Sight and Scent System that works.