Knight and Hale: 40 Years of Calling Success

In 1984, pig farmer David Hale and barber Harold Knight decided to follow their dream of running a call company full time. They quit their jobs and dove into the various roles of: call designer, quality control, sales, marketing, purchasing and anything else you can imagine. The “boys from Cadiz, Ky” had been hunting together and making calls on the side since 1972 with great success, but this was a big leap of faith.

They hired Jim Strelec as Sales Manager that same year to allow the 3 of them to travel the country selling calls, giving seminars and promoting their brand. Through their travels, they assembled a team of top-notch prostaff to extend their reach to small shops across the US and Canada. This team of prostaff started participating in calling contests for a variety of species.

The “Double Clucker” goose call was the first Knight & Hale call to win a World Championship and it repeated that feat twice more. But the Double Clucker isn’t the only Knight & Hale call to claim a World Championship. Numerous turkey calls within the stable have claimed titles as well such as: Prosecutor diaphragm, Widow Maker tube call and Mark Prudhomme’s Owl Hooter just to name a few.

To honor the 40th Anniversary, Knight & Hale has a whole new look and logo. “We wanted to do something special to commemorate this great milestone. We designed a fresh new logo and have completely redesigned all of the packaging. This will give Knight & Hale the shelf appeal to match our call quality,” states Jason Gordon, Marketing Manager for Knight & Hale.

With 24 new calls, a new logo and new packaging, one can only be excited about the next chapter for Knight & Hale. You can bet that “the boys from Cadiz” are working on the next generation of calls to help hunters be more successful in the field.

For more information on the calls contact: Knight & Hale Game Calls, 715 Summit Drive SE, Decatur, AL 35601;  (256)353-0634;

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