Happy Birthday – Get Well Soon Tom Jennings


Today, July 17 is Tom’s 88th Birthday and I want to wish Tom a very Happy birthday from all of us at BHN. We recieved news that Tom has fallen and broken his right leg. After a number of surgeries he is resting and we also want to wish Tom a full and speedy recovery.

Tom fell and broke his right leg near the hip about three months ago and complications have ensued. At the time he was residing on Roatan Island, 35 miles off the east coast of Honduras, living with his step son Matt, his wife Corrine, and their son Archer (appropriately named in honor of Tom). Several surgeries later, Tom was moved back to his home in Columbia, MO, where he did a stint in a rehab facility before going home.
According to Matt, Tom is weak, has lost a considerable amount of weight, but he is a sturdy codger and he is not ready to leave us just yet. Please keep him in your prayers. Sincerely, Sherwood Schoch

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3 Responses to "Happy Birthday – Get Well Soon Tom Jennings"

  1. Frank Medicine Wolf Springer   2012/07/18 at 9:23 am

    I had the pleasure of shooting one of Tom’s Arrowstars for many, many years. it was a bow of speed and and stability that was dead-solid in the archer’s hand. I recently wondered what the bow speed the bow would shoot with carbon arrow— hunting arrow and broadhead came through my chronograph at 288 feet per second. This was from a 1979 Arrowstar with 30 year old limbs! Ahead of its time for sure. I killed 34 mule deer and elk with that particular bow. Thanks Tom…Happy Bittyhday and get well soon.

  2. Frank Addington   2012/07/18 at 9:54 am

    Tom is a class act. Thanks Sherwood for the update. Be sure and read the Tom Jennings interview and Sherwood Schoch interview on bowhunting.net.

    Thanks for posting this RW.


  3. Garry Booker   2012/07/26 at 6:45 pm

    Get welll soon.