Now It’s Fred’s Turn … Again

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Afternoon Hunt: Fred wanted to go further down the fence from where we were this morning and set up by the river and the gate that opens to a partially open area adjacent to thick woods along this side of the river. He moved a Dark Horse blind under a large shade tree 30 yards from the gate opening. The fence would route them even closer to us. Looking up through the branches of the tree was a high hill.

Early on we saw a few gobblers and hens but they were all on the opposite side of the fence. But that didn’t last long. The sun was bright this afternoon and the temperature went on the rise. The instant mosquitoes showed up Fred turned on his ThermaCELL and ran the little buggars off.

Some times when you have a lengthy waiting period you loose your sharp connection to things around you. That was this afternoon. We sat silently and waited.

We noticed the gobbler at the same time, suddenly he was walking along on our side of the fence, he was soon to be in bow range.

Fred reached for his bow right away but the longbeard was now in bow range. Fred still had to knock an arrow.

A tree was directly in front of us and the longbeard went between the fence and the tree. Fred was knocked up now.


When the gobbler came out from behind the tree Fred was drawing his bow … and then taking aim. He released his arrow.

Whoosh, the longbeard jumped up and turned in in the air, looking like a feathered helicopter.

But he was not able to keep himself off the ground and he hit the ground and ran through the open gate.

Once on the other side of the gate he turned hard left and ran parallel to the fence for a short ways and ran out of steam.

And, Deja Vous, a big gobbler came running over to Fred’s gobbler.

Without hesitation, this new gobbler jumped on top of Fred’s gobbler.



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