Maximum Sight Pin Accuracy with Laser Calibration Point

Innovation seems to define Clean-Shot® Archery and their new Spot-On® Laser Calibration Point is a case in point. The internal laser automatically activates at full draw with a bow mounted magnet. Shoot the laser point at a target until the arrow hits the laser dot. Then adjust your sight pints to match the dot. Set up is accomplished in minutes

Spot-On® Laser Calibration Point

Larry Bay, Clean-Shot® Archery Founder/CEO noted: “The Laser Calibration Point uses the same ferrule, tips and blades as our hunting broadheads, such as the Hogzilla Killa and our non-laser broadhead, the Hollow Point Broadhead – ensuring predictable arrow flight and greater sight accuracy. The Spot-On® Laser Calibration Point is not only a precise aiming tool for calibrating bow sights and crossbow scopes but also makes a great training aid.”

Pin Sight or Scope Calibration Features:

• First laser-equipped calibration point that you can shoot!
• Set up new pin sights or a scope in minutes – fine tune for exact arrow flight
• Elevation adjustable laser beam out to 60 yards – laser is only on when you’re at full draw (saves battery life)
• Check pin sights in the field – without shooting
• Identical arrow flight as Spot-On® Hollow Point Broadheads
• Factory set to 30 yards for a 300 ft/sec IBO speed – adjust for your equipment

For use as a Training Tool:
• Stability – you’ll be able to see if your student is balanced and holding still with correct form (laser will bounce on target if bow is unsteady)
• Aiming point – the laser dot will show you exactly where your student is aiming prior to release
• Release point – watch for trigger pull as the arrow is released

The Spot-On® Laser Calibration Point is made in the USA. MSRP $49.99

For more information please go to:  Clean-Shot Archery
Toll Free: 800-242-9023 – 425-242-5970

One Response to "Maximum Sight Pin Accuracy with Laser Calibration Point"

  1. John   2012/07/26 at 1:59 pm

    i love this practice point, it helped me sight in my sight pin within mins. and i plan on packing with me to hunting camp incase i drop my bow or bump my sights on my way to hunting camp