Gear Review: Watson Bottomless 26 Bowhunter’s Roller Bag

By: Marc Anthony

Being the scent freak that I am, it was pleasing to find that someone actually thought of making a portable storage unit (if you want to call it that) capable of sealing your clothing from ambient air when traveling, or just storing your hunting garments for the next season. Calling it a storage unit is really not the proper terminology for this handy device because it does much more than just store your hunting clothes. I believe the manufacturer really thought of everything when designing this nifty little device.

The Watson Bottomless 26 is a multi-purpose unit that doubles as roller luggage and an airtight bag. The features are many, which is a by-product of a well refined and well thought out design. This bag was made for the person who wants their hunting clothes to be sealed from outside contaminates that saturate our surroundings and for those of us who are mobile just the same.

It’s equipped with rollers and a handle, just like you’ll find in today’s luggage, and a patented Back2Back seal that prevents outside odors from entering. In fact, nearly every section of this bag has this technology. Given the size of this bag, (26?L x 18?H x 15?D) you can fit everything that I can think of and more into it, for the avid bow hunter. It has a separate and sealed lower portion large enough to carry your hunting boots too! There are numerous pockets and even a detachable tree stand field pouch that has enough room for nearly everything I can think of, including game calls, scent elimination products, bow releases, etc. If that wasn’t enough, it also has a changing mat that unfolds while in the field to keep your feet or your body from the elements while you change into your hunting attire.

When I mentioned above about being a well thought out product, I meant every bit of it, right down to the zipper. It was even designed for durability and ease of grip. When the zipper rides the upper echelon of quality, you can bet the rest of the product will parallel as such. The floor panel is reinforced and rugged, and the interior lining can be removed for cleaning. Needless to say, there is a handle and a strap on every side of this bag so transporting it is a breeze, even if you choose not to use the attached wheels.

Aesthetically speaking, it’s a beauty! It comes in Genuine Mossy Oak® Breakup Infinity Camo with an option to choose a pink trim for the ladies, in which a portion of the proceeds will go toward the Pink Arrow Project™.

So, the verdict is in and it’s a thumbs-up! I love this bag! I now have a bag that I can take from trade show to trade show as a scent free piece of luggage (that makes no mistake of identifying you with your love of the sport), in addition to taking it with me into the field. It’s such a perfect fit with my hunting lifestyle.

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On a final note; when a product is well designed, most consumers won’t notice. That’s where the art of a great design shines. It’s when something goes awry that will capture the attention of many. Even though that statement doesn’t seem fair, it’s the hard truth. Negative comments from defective and poor designed products will travel ten times faster than good news ever will. Because of the fact that the Watson Bottomless 26 is so rugged and well designed, take it from me, don’t expect to hear negative vibes about this little gem! Pricing over the internet runs about $199.00 for the bag. To see more, please visit; Watson Airlock Bags

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