Gear Review – Bushnell BackTrack D-Tour Personal Location Finder

By: Tink Jackson

Some of the technological advances we have witnessed over the last 20 years have proven to be a huge help to us in our hunting endeavors. One such advancement is the use of GPS units. We use GPS units to mark locations of stands, cameras, water holes, trails, bedding areas and animal sightings just to name a few. GPS is also extremely beneficial if you are hunting a new area, in a new state, or in bad weather when visibility may be significantly reduced.

Today’s modern GPS units are smaller, much more accurate and easier to use that their cumbersome predecessors. However, to the novice, a handheld GPS unit can still be overwhelming. Honestly, how good is a $500 unit if you cannot remember how to use it, or more importantly, if those with you cannot figure out how to use it if something happens to you? Ever really thought about that? What happens if you are out with your young son/daughter, teaching them your family heritage, and something happens to you? Can they use your unit (if you have one) to find their way back to get you the help you need or to save their own lives? When you are out hunting with your young hunter (or wife), are you nervous about letting them get out of your sight? I sure use to be, but with the Bushnell BackTrack D-Tour Personal Location Finder, all of those concerns of mine have been eliminated!

Bushnell BackTrack D-Tour - A Big Piece of Mind in a Small Package

Technical specifications:
• Package Includes: 1 D-Tour GPS unit, 1 Quick Start Guide, 1 USB Cable
• Runs on Windows (XP SP1 or later) and MAC (10.4.9 or later)
• 1 Year Limited Warranty
• Weather Resistant Construction
• Stores and locates up to five locations
• Includes Time (military or civilian)/Temperature (Fahrenheit or Celsius)/Altitude
• Distances in Yards/Miles or Meters/Kilometers
• Latitude and Longitude coordinates
• Logs up to 48 hours of trip data
• Available in Red or Green

Bushnell is well known for the quality products they manufacture. The BackTrack D-Tour is another testament to the excellence of their products. Overall, we found the unit extremely easy to use, loaded with features and unrivaled in design. The BackTrack D-Tour is perfect for use by everyone from the novice hunter to the seasoned veteran.

Think about this. You are out for a day of hunting with your young hunter. It is their first hunting trip, or their first trip to a new area. You arrive at the location where you will be parking to start your day. You pull out the BackTrack D-Tour, quickly mark the parking spot on the unit, hook it on their fanny pack, and off you go, with the knowledge that should some emergency arise or if you become separated from them, all they have to do is push a single button and follow the arrow on the screen right back to the parking spot (or camp, or designated meeting area). I cannot honestly imagine that anyone would not want that sense of security in the woods, for themselves, or someone they love.

The BackTrack D-Tour allows the user to store up to five (5) points. In remote hunting areas you could have your camp, parking location, blind, tree stand and your favorite honey hole all saved. With the push of a button, you can use the BackTrack D-Tour to navigate you or your young hunter from one location to the next, with no fear of getting off course and stranded or lost.

Along with the storable locations, the unit provides time (military or standard time keeping), a self-calibrating digital compass, temperature, altitude and latitude/longitude coordinates. Even if you have all of your storable locations filled, you can still note the lat/long of a trailhead, bedding/feeding area, wallow, rub, or anything else of interest for future use!

The BackTrack D-Tour will also store up to 48 hours of trip data. Once you return home, you can download the data to your PC/Mac, and utilizing the free application provided by Bushnell, overlay your trip data right on Google Maps and “see” where you have been.

Overall, we would highly recommend the BackTrack D-Tour Personal Location Finder to anyone and everyone, regardless of their level of experience in the field. At less than $100, this is one piece of equipment that no hunter should ever leave home without! Bushnell has hit a grand slam with this product. And one more thing … remember the last time you parked at the mall and could not find your car … not anymore!

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