297 Acre IL Hunting Lease


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We have one hunt lease of 297 acres in Illinois on the Pike County Illinois line. First come first serve. Pike County, Illinois is the #1 County in the Nation for the number of deer in all record books. This hunt lease is special for 2 reasons. #1. It has only been hunted by one person who is now not hunting due to a job change. (This means the farm has seen very little pressure.) #2. This farm has 6 triple funnels located on it. After being in the hunt industry for 13 years professionally I have never seen a farm that had more than 3 triple funnels located on it.

This farm is a topographical dream. This 297 acre tract in Adams County, Illinois (The County that borders renown Pike County, Illinois) is unique in that it holds 6 Triple Funnels. This tract has the most exceptional topographical advantages of almost any farm I have ever seen. This tract holds some of the largest whitetail bucks in the area and serves as a general funnel to the huge blocks of timber that surround it. Prior to this season, it had been leased to a man who is an actor in Hollywood. This piece is “pristine”, and a must for all whitetail lessors. Don’t hesitate on this one fellas. This land lease is $40 per acre which is about $10 less per acre than the “going rate” in this area.

Each hunter may kill 2 bucks and unlimited does. You have unlimited hunt rights on the tract and may bring anyone you wish for one year. Only you and whoever you authorize may hunt this tract. At the end of one year you have “first rights of refusal”. This means you get to lease it again the following year if you wish. We also carry $1 million dollars of insurance on the farm at no charge. I MUST LEASE THIS FIRST COME FIRST SERVE.

Serious inquiries may phone Darrin Bradley direct at 660-651-7900 or fill out a brochure request on the link contained in this email. This is one farm you can’t miss out on. I rate it a “10” on a scale from “1 to 10”. For more info click: HERE

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  1. James   2016/11/27 at 1:10 pm

    Is this property still available for lease