Gear Review: Pine Ridge AT-5 Trail Camera Support

By: Gary Elliott

I am sure that at one time or another, you have gone to hang your trail cameras only to find that the only tree that worked was either too far from or too close to where you really wanted to place them. Well Pine Ridge Archery has designed a Camera support system that solves this problem; the AT-5 and according to the company “It will revolutionize your method of camera scouting”.

You still have the option to mount to a tree with the AT-5 by using the strap they provide and it will still allow you to tilt it. No need to go on a hunting expedition to find the perfect wedge, just loosen and tilt the camera. Plus, you can pivot the AT-5 left or right. No tree in sight, no problem! You can also use a fence post as shown. It’s that easy and putting it together is a snap as well. The best thing is that it works with all trail cameras at a cost of $25.95 plus shipping and handling.

I currently have it working for me and have found it to be a God Send in my use of trailcams this year. This mount is a must have if you use trailcams to scout.

For more go to: Pine Ridge Archery

Pine Ridge also makes another must have product, the Arrow Inspector. Every archer should have a way to check the straightness of the shaft and the broadhead and the Arrow Inspector makes it a quick, easy, surefire way to ensure your arrow and points are in perfect alignment.

check it out at: Pine Ridge Archery

Review written by: Gary Elliott