Film While You Hunt with the Flex Cam

Ever wish you had video footage of your hunts? Finding a person who’s willing to film your hunt rather than hunt himself is not always easy. Thanks to the Flex Cam, now you can film your hunt without relying on anyone else. All you need is a smart phone or compact video camera, and you can capture your hunting memories on your own. You can also share your hunt footage by sending it via email or MMS messaging to anyone, anywhere within seconds.

The Flex Cam easily attaches to your weapon and will hold all cell phones, most video-capable hand-held cameras, as well as compact video cameras. The Flex Cam weighs less than 7 oz., so it’s easy to mount on any bow with a pre-existing stabilizer hole or on a shotgun with a firearm adapter.

Installation and operation is as stress-free as it gets. Simply mount the Flex Cam, attach your video and hit record. Thanks to the Flex Cam, you can capture on film that trophy buck, strutting gobbler or flock of mallards and share the footage with your friends and family. Forever preserve those outdoor experiences you love so much with the Flex Cam.

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