EHS Announces Justin Williamson Fund

Justin Williamson

Extreme Hunting Solutions (EHS), manufacturer of innovative outdoor products such as Big Buck Mineral, Kandy Korn, Stick-N-Lick and Stick-N-Lick Jr. Deer Pops, announces that 20% of its gross profits for the remainder of 2012 will be donated to the Justin Williamson Fund. Williamson, 27, recently suffered a fatal heart attack while on filming on location in Georgia. He was a beloved husband and devoted father, as well as a talented videographer, cinematographer and producer who worked with shows such as Addicted to the Outdoors with Jon and Gina Brunson. His unfortunate and untimely death was a shock to his family, friends and colleagues.

In an effort to provide financial security for Justin’s wife, Tatiana, and their two-year-old son, Alec, Jon and Gina established the Justin Williamson Fund. EHS is also encouraging its customers and anyone interested in helping the Williamson family to donate to the fund to help ensure a more stable future for Justin’s wife and young son.

“Although I only had the opportunity to hunt with Justin once, his enthusiasm and passion for the outdoors made a lasting impression,” said Randy Ferman, EHS Co-Owner and CEO. “Being new in the outdoor industry, having had the opportunity to be introduced to Justin and the rest of the staff at Addicted to the Outdoors at such an early stage, was certainly a great experience for me. All of us at EHS were devastated when we heard the news of Justin’s untimely passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family andfriends.”

“When I heard of this terrible tragedy, I knew we had to do something to help Justin’s family. Hunting is a major part of our lives, but helping others in need is always the most important thing,” Mike Cosentino Jr., EHS Co-Owner.

Justin’s contagious energy left a huge impact on everyone he met. His unique charm and enthusiasm for life led him to meet his loving wife. In 2008 he married Tatiana Lutcan, and on May 12, 2010 they became the proud parents of Alec Edward. Justin was a devoted and loving husband, and he took on the challenge of parenthood with amazing kindness, love and dedication. Baby Alec is the star of all of Justin’s home movie projects, and probably one of the first babies to be filmed in 3D.

Justin was no doubt a young man with an incredible talent, an endless penchant for exploration and adventure, a boundless hunger for knowledge and an undying love for his family. He accomplished so much and had the chance to travel all over the world while filming for a wide range of shows and events. From a young age he had an interest in the arts that grew into a lifelong passion and eventually led him into a career in which he felt truly fulfilled. Whether he was rocking out in garage bands, playing roller and ice hockey or simply filming the clouds go by, Justin always brought a positive demeanor and cheerful spirit to all of his endeavors. He was very creative and his passion for filming made him eager to learn and discover all he could about videography.

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  1. Ingrid   2012/11/08 at 10:28 am

    My dear friend Tatiana , please be strong . We will always be there with you .