9th Hour Longbeard

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The end of the turkey hunting day is different than when you’re deer hunting. Wild turkeys are focused on arriving at the roost in daylight. Unlike deer, they do not see well in low light, and to roost they have to fly into a tree and land on a single branch. So about the time they are ready to call it a day is when the deer wake up and start moving.

Sometimes there can be stragglers, hens and gobblers that got delayed somehow, and are late on their journey to the roost.

One of those stragglers came out of no where to the right of the open gate.

Fred yelped with his mouth call and the gobbler came through the gate.

Woops, he walked behind the dead tree trunk between us and went behind the blind, angling  toward the roost. He gobbled at Fred’s calls but it was too close to his roost time for him to fool around. Another 15 minutes passed and both Fred and I agreed that this was probably the end of today’s hunt.

Suddenly Fred’s expression changed. He didn’t say a word, and he didn’t need to, that look told me he had seen a gobbler.

I turned the video on, it was already on Fred, and I looked where Fred was starring. A strutter was coming through the opening to the gate!

Wrong! It was two strutters. They dropped strut and made a bee line toward our decoys.

The lead Tom was a huge gobbler, a monster fat bellied Kent Daddy longbeard, a real Bomber.

They came on fast and I was zoomed in too tight to cover both of them, but I centered up the smaller big Tom and swung toward the Bomber. They were less than 15 yards from us.

Fred pulled the trigger on Tru-Fire his release and the arrow popped into the Bomber. Both gobblers ran back through the gate and the immediate sharp drop off after the gate took them our of our sight.

Fred and I looked at each other. Should we wait? Or should we go after him right away?

We both agreed, “right away.”



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