Rick’s Pick – The GoPro Hero 2 Camera


By: Rick Philippi

I just got my new GoPro Hero 2 outdoor edition camera, what a beauty! It will fit into the palm of your hand and is loaded with features beyond belief. I would like to list some of these features and their benefits


GoPro Hero 2 Camera System  features include:

  • Built with a polycarbonate housing that is bombproof, water proof and shockproof.
  • A professional glass lens that’s very sharp, which translates to better, clearer and sharper recordings.
  •  11 megapixels and is capable of capturing 10 photos per second when in burst mode, making it easier to use with fast-moving environments.
  • Optional 3.5mm external stereo microphone.
  •  LED lights on all four sides so you know if the camera is on from any angle.
  • WI-FI capability.  The BacPac and Remote allows remote WI-FI streaming to the web as well as recording and playback via computer app, smartphones, computers and tablets. All  sold separately.
  • A user friendly menu that has been redesigned easy for even someone who was just introduced to the cam can handle it like a pro.

This camera when in the polycarbonate housing is as rugged as the day is long so you never have to worry about breaking it. My son and I were hunting in Illinois this past December. We were going to hunt from the same stand and while my son leaned over to pull up his bow, he dropped his GoPro Hero 2. The camera fell 30 feet to the frozen ground. He climbed back down, attached it back on his head and it worked perfectly. It also includes a number of different mounting tools so you can attach it to a helmet, your hat or anything else you can imagine.

Being a bowhunter I can attach the GoPro Hero 2 to my hat and video all the action easily and without spooking game. Everywhere you look, the camera records so you can get an eye’s view of the complete hunting experience from walking in, setting up, game coming in, the shot and tracking to the trophy. Years past I would always use a video camera with a tripod. Talk about a pain!

Anyone who has tried to shoot a hunt using a tri-pod system, when alone knows how hard it is to get exactly what you want. Something would always go wrong or the animal would move locations then I would fumble around trying to move the video camera and tripod. This is too much movement at a crucial time when in a hunting encounter. This whole problem goes away with the GoPro. Simply attach it to your hat and when that moment of truth arrives, all you have to do in simply and slowly turn your head when the animal repositions thus minimizing any of your movement. This also enables the hunter to keep his or her hand on his bow. Any bowhunter who likes to video should not be without this camera.

Another thing I really like about this convenient, easy to use camera system is the low price, only $299.00. I also really like the quality of the video. So, super easy to use, low cost and great quality video. It’s all here with the GoPro Hero 2. And, if you decide to go scuba diving, the Hero 2 is waterproof down to 197 feet.

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