Opening Morning In Rio Land

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With plenty of time to spare before daylight, Fred Lutger and I were situated in our Double Bull ground blind on the “Runway.” The weather was cool and still.

A light glow crept into the eastern horizon and gobbles sounded out. Some distant and some much closer. The gobblers were very vocal this morning. Hearing them gave me the feeling we were in for an very exciting day … and we were.

Our first visitor was half an hour after sunup, a hen meandered down the runway on her way to places unknown.

An hour later a dark object moved in the brush behind out decoy and got our attention. Our hen decoy had tweaked its interest.

As it changed positions I saw it had a red head, a clear indication it was a Rio Grande gobbler. The decoy was 10 yards from us and the gobbler was another 10 past the decoy.

The gobbler took a few steps closer and stopped. It stood still as stone, or you might say as still at our hen decoy.

Then it moved closer. Fred was ready if the gobbler came out of the cedars and an opportunityto shoot turned up this early in our hunt. The gobbler was cautious and moved slowly.  Finally it started moving.

It walked through the cedars to the right of the decoy. We couldn’t be sure but it appeared it was going around the cedars onto the Runway where the decoy was.

He was a slow go, stopping and looking around, staring at the decoy, over and over. Finally he was almost in the clear. A couple of branches were in the way of Fred being able to shoot. He hung there. Fred wanted to draw and be ready to aim and shoot when the gobbler stepped forward, but the turkey was so hesitant Fred had to wait.

Once he moved ahead he zipped forward quickly. Sunlight was shinning in our blind and the gobbler saw Fred’s movement when he drew his bow.

He did a turn around and walked quickly back behind the cedars.

And kept on going.

In this wild turkey bowhunting thing you never know what will happen. We adjuisted the windows in the blind and waited to see if more wild turkey gobblers would come play with us.

We didn’t know it but they were on the way right now.


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