HELP a Wounded Vet at Buckhaven

The BUCKHAVEN Learing Center will be hosting a hunt for the ‘Combat Wounded Veterans’ 10-13 October, 2012 at BUCKHAVEN, Loudonville, Ohio and your donations would be greatly appreciated.

Twelve Disabled Vets will have an opportunity to harvest a whitetail deer on this very special hunt.

BUCKHAVEN Learning Center, Inc. is a NON-PROFIT 501 © 3 Organization.

We would like to request donations in the form of services, product and or financial assistance. The cost per hunter is $600.00. This cost includes the out-of-state Ohio license with an either sex deer tag, four night’s lodging and all meals, snacks and drinks for the twelve hunters and their aid/spouse.

While all donations are encouraged, any company, individual or group who donates $600.00 or more will be classified a ‘Hunter Sponsor’ and will receive a certificate of sponsorship along with our gratitude, appreciation and the personal satisfaction of knowing you have helped a Wounded Soldier ‘Make a Dream Come True’.

Tens of thousands of service men and women have been injured in the recent Global War on Terror, many of them suffering traumatic brain injuries, amputations, severe burns and other life changing injuries which will retire them from service. Please HELP US  ease their burdens and aid in the transition back to a successful civilian life.

BUCKHAVEN’s Pledge Program makes it easy to choose an amount, where you would like your donation to be applied and to choose a payment schedule that fits your budget.

Donations may be sent to:

Buckhaven Learning Center

% Denny Campbell

23119 Ball Alley Road

Loudonville, OH 44842


We look forward to hearing from you soon. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.


This is the vision of our Buckhaven Learning Center, Inc. 501 © (3) organization.


  1. 1.    A major emphasis is placed on honoring our disabled veterans in an educational and recreational therapeutic benefit program.  Our objective is to provide support with adaptive equipment, and to explore and experiment in the vast outdoors.

 Buckhaven Learning Center, Inc. will be hosting an archery whitetail deer hunt with 12 disabled veterans Oct. 10-13, 2012 at our facility and donated lands of about 2,000.00 acres with ground blinds.  Everything at our facility is wheelchair accessible.  To honor and empower these disabled veterans, we want to provide a unique program to educate and meet their needs to instill integrity and innovation with adaptive equipment to help them with this event.

 Our volunteers will be clearing trails, making ground blinds, establishing food plots and mineral sights and making the facility clean and stocked with food.  Our kitchen staff has had the same menu for 12 years and we feed about 70 people each meal with all of our volunteers, veterans, caregivers, spouses, and guides (one to each hunter and they are with them the whole day, each day during the event).  Our disabled veterans will arrive Wednesday for orientation, to register, acquire their special crossbow, receive their hunting license, have archery practice and meet everyone.  We have a full set of camo for each “vet” along with a welcome camo bag full of special items.  Dick Gardner, from TenPoint Crossbows, brings a crossbow for each disabled veteran and stays during the event to educate them and answer any questions they may have.  They will also be participating in a 3-D shoot which helps them interact with each other and make “new friends”.  After a delicious dinner, our ODNR Officer speaks about the rules and regulations for hunting a whitetail deer.  Then they will go back to the wheelchair accessible “Little Brown Inn” for the night.  They will be transported to a different ground blind each day and brought back for meals using ATV’s with trailers.  Saturday night is our special awards banquet, which is a lot of fun for our wounded warriors.  Then on Sunday, the “vets” come back to say goodbye and pick up their venison.  We have a staff on hand to process, package, and freeze the venison so the disabled veterans can take it home with them.  The venison that is not claimed is donated to Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry (

 Our Officers, staff, and guides are moved by the difficult stories of wounded service members returning home from Afghanistan and Irag.  The resulting objective is to provide a tangible support for these disabled veterans, to help them on the road to healing, both physically and mentally, which is a small contribution compared with what the wounded warriors have sacrificed while serving our country.  “The greatest casualty is being forgotten”.

 Our main objective will be to develop and secure an individual donor base with the capacity to have a significant impact.  As we receive grants and donations, we give them recognition by sending them a certificate by mail and recognizing them on our website, newspapers,  facebook,  and TV coverage.  We have a local radio station that features our ODNR officer which gives our event coverage, and camera crews which develop the film for hunting shows.


Donations and Grants we have received:


ASMBA STAR FOUNDATION                                                          $5,000.00

ODNR FOUNDATION                                                            $500.00

Knox County Community Foundation, Mt. Vernon, Ohio              $500.00

ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH, Loudonville, Ohio                                $500.00

FRIENDS OF THE NRA                                                               $2,200.00       

Individual VFW’S, American Legion’s, and F.O.E.’s                       $13,000.00


These grants were followed up by sending progress and financial reports for 2010 and 2011.  In the future, we will be applying to appropriate government requests for proposals.


Project Activities:


  1. A.    We had our 7th annual dinner, auction and raffle on Feb 18, 2012 at the     American Legion in Loudonville, Ohio.  We had a profit of $9,000.00.


  1. B.    Tall Timber sponsors a golf outing for Buckhaven in Butler, Ohio.  We average around 1,000.00


  1. C.   Aid Station for Mohican 100 Mile Mountain Bike Race


  1. D.   Aid Station for Mohican 100 Mile Run


  1. E.   Hosted a 3-D shoot in the community. 


  1. F.    Have programs with the Girl Scouts to help them work on their badges and camp at our facility overnight.


  1. G.  The Mooseriders sponsors a Poker Run annually with the proceeds raised going to Buckhaven Learning Center, Inc.


  1. H.  Sold cookbooks with recipes given to us by the community; “Family Favorites.”  Raised $2400.00.


  1. I.      Two permanent blinds were built for our event by Nick Wander, a Boy Scout, who spearheaded this project for completion of his “Eagle Scout Award.”



 Over the years, we have learned what is needed to have a successful event with our knowledgeable staff and guides.  Everything has been made wheelchair accessible.  It is a lot of hard work and everyone donates their time and efforts to this worthwhile cause.  Our staff members insure programs that provide experiences and services to reach the intended outcomes which is accomplishment, satisfaction, and enhanced self-sufficiency and by shaping lives with power to develop positive relationships.

 Tens of thousands of service men and women have been injured in the recent war on terror, many of them suffering traumatic brain injuries, amputations, and severe burns, which will retire them from service.  Please help us to ease their burdens and aid in the transition back to a successful life.

 Your participation to fund this event would be greatly appreciated. We hope that you will find it in your hearts to support our events and our staff to provide this worthwhile opportunity.  We are requesting $5.000.00. Please send correspondence to:  Dottie Campbell, 23119 Ball Alley Rd, Loudonville, Ohio 44842.  Our phone:  740-599-9562 or e-mail:




Dottie Campbell, Fundraising Chair Person



                                               BUCKHAVEN Learning Center, Inc.