Gear Review – Opposition Arrow Rest

By: Scott Clave

Known throughout the archery world for making tough durable arrow rests, the Opposition arrow rest from Schaffer Archery is exactly that – tough and durable. But the main function of the Opposition Rest is to keep your arrow firmly in place regardless of how you move or tilt your bow. Then when you draw and release the arrow the Opposition opens completely and out of the way for unimpeded arrow flight from the bow.

There have been times while sitting in a tree stand that I’ve moved my bow and the arrow has fallen off the rest. We’ve all had this happen but whether you’re sitting in a stand or stalking a big buck, the Riser-Lock side plates provide full containment of the arrow in a bomb-proof design.

To operate, you load your arrow on the rest then simply push the pylons to the arrow and press in the green button. This keeps the arrow locked in place even when drawing your bow. Then the attached line unlocks the pylons on release. The arrow leaves the bow with zero friction and full clearance. The Opposition is easy to install and operates quietly and smoothly.

The Opposition is made to fit either right hand or left hand bows and is available with a black anodize finish. Interchangeable side plates for Mathews®, Hoyt® and PSE® plus a Universal fit model.

The Opposition is the arrow rest I have been waiting for and I recommend it to anyone in the market for a new arrow rest. Not only is this quality rest durable with a bomb-proof design but it also manufactured right here in the United States of America.

For more go to: Schaffer Archery