Campbell’s Outdoor Pro Bowfishing Challenge.

Sponsored by: AMS Bowfishing

What makes the Campbells Bowfishing Challenge different than any other bowfishing tournament? The camera, yes the camera. Everything has to be seen through the eye of the camera from the fish, to time lapse, underwater footage, b-roll, static shots, destination elements, and audio. It’s more than sticking a camera man on a stand and hitting the record button.

Its dark, the water reflects light, you have 4,000 watts of lights shining on the water around the boat so the camera must be in the right settings or the footage you hand in is going to fail and you will not get very good scores.

Then we have the fish. You have to find clear water and calm fish. What I mean by calm fish, we are looking for fish that are not pressured. The more pre roll we can get on a fish the more points we score. It’s easy to see a carp and shoot them, but try to keep the carp in the cameras view for 15 seconds and then shoot it.

This is a three night Challenge and when you take into consideration the scouting that takes place along with three nights of bowfishing; you get about 8 hrs of sleep in 5 days. Would I do it again, in a heartbeat!

For video go to: Campbell’s Pro Bowfishing Challenge

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