Increase Your Turkey-Hunting Success with a Stealth Vision Hat

From: Aaron McCaleb – Source Outdoor

The wild turkey has phenomenal eyesight making it one of the most difficult creatures to hunt. In fact, nothing more than a hunter’s eye movement can alert a gobbler to a fully camouflaged hunter’s presence. For that reason, facial camouflage is essential to a successful turkey hunt. The Stealth Vision Hat by North Mountain Supplies, provides you with the full facial concealment you need.

When you’re setup on the ground waiting for that gobbler to show up, the Stealth Vision hat is a must. This hat’s ingenious design allows you to get closer to the turkeys you are hunting, so you can make that perfect shot. The hat’s breathable mesh bill allows you to camouflage your entire upper face and eyes. You can disguise yourself by simply tilting your head down and looking up through the mesh bill. Turkeys will no longer spook simply because of the blink of an eye, and you will no longer be troubled with a facemask.

Owner and Inventor of Stealth Vision Hats, Jerry Scott, says it is “the ultimate hunting hat when it comes to the ability to enhance your chances of coming home successful. This is a product that we stand behind 100% and will replace free of charge for any defect in material or workmanship you might find in it.”

This turkey season stack the odds in your favor with the Stealth Vision Hat from North Mountain Supplies. For more information visit them online at