AMS Bowfishing – H2O Junkies Show Coming Soon

What is “an” H2O Junkie? It’s being on the water 24/7- 365. Its getting to the boat launch as the sunsets and loading back up at sunrise. Its the rush of cruising on the water in total darkness and its the excitement of seeing your arrow penetrate a 45lb Buffalo carp as the water erupts and your line hisses through the water.

Our goal is to capture the excitement like never before with some of the best bowfishing footage ever shot. Travel with the H2O Junkies as they go after bowfishing adventures all over the country from the Midwest to the deep south, east coast to the west coast and everything in between. You can be a part of the fun and exciting times that happen on every bowfishing adventure.

AMS Bowfishing along with the H2O Junkies invites you along on our adventures to witness the good times and bad, the laughter and excitement that bowfishing has to offer. Being on the water as much as we can chasing invasive fish is what we live for and what we love to do. Come along and you’ll love it too.

For Trailer: H2O Junkies