So, What Is Jim Crumley Doing These Days?


The originator of Trebark, Jim Crumley has a unique set of skills. He is a true gentleman, outgoing, honest a successful businessman and a notable deer and wild turkey hunter. When I saw him at NWTF we had a pleasant visit. As you  would expect, Jim now has a business named Jim Crumley’s C.A.M.O. Enterprises and he has some interesting projects going.

Jim Crumley and Robert Hoague at Jim's booth at the NWTF.

Jim’s latest success story is Second Skin Camo.


Jim explained, “The goal of Second Skin Camo™ is to provide gun and bow owners with a quality camouflage finish for their equipment. Every gun or bow sent to us is treated as if it were our own.”

Nicks, mars and the effects of time can make any gun or bow look out of place. Especially alongside new camouflaged models. Well, now there’s a way to bring new life to your used gun. It’s called Jim Crumley’s Second Skin Camo™. Unlike bluing, this process camouflages all the non mechanical components. The pattern is uniform, consistent, permanent and virtually rustproof. In fact, this is similar to the process used by the firearms manufacturers.

You’ll love how Second Skin Camo™ combats the effects of aging. And the outstanding concealment it provides. Second Skin Camo™ comes in thirteen classic patterns. Help your gun through this difficult period in its life. With Second Skin Camo™, it’ll emerge looking better than ever. The Second Skin Camouflage process can be applied to wood, synthetic, blued or stainless steel products.

Below is a link to a video with information about Second Skin Camo.

And here is the information to contact Jim Crumley C.A.M.O. Enterprises.

Visit the web site at

C.A.M.O. Enterprises, Inc.
3434 Buck Mountain Road
Roanoke, Virginia 24018
1-800-843-2266 (540)777-1819 Fax