From Darton: New Crossover Crossbow

From: Bruce Plude

You may remember the commercial showing what happened when peanut butter and chocolate collided – the best candy combination since the discovery of sugar. Well, Darton is introducing the FireForce to show what happens when Compound and Crossbow technology converge.

The FireForce drips with testosterone; larger axles, oversized sealed Quad Ball Bearings in Darton’s dynamic DualSync cams, wider / stronger laminated split limbs build for more stress combined with a compact front riser and the re-designed Tactical Stock Darton introduced in 2011. This bow is flat out fast and durable, shooting 400 grain arrow a blurring 395-410 fps and. The FireForce comes equipped with integrated string suppressor coming off the riser along with Darton’s new Barrel Dampener [Patent Pending] to help minimize all sources of vibration and noise.

This bow is a must shoot before purchasing any other advertised top end crossbows. See more on the FireForce and the other top shooting crossbows [yea…we won a ton of competitive events] by visiting our website at . The FireForce – when two worlds converge.