Bowhunting SuperShow – Indianapolis April 20-22

For decades bowhunters and archers alike have yearned to “get in,” to see everything the industry has to offer, all under one roof. Well, the wait is over!

My name is Stan Chiras and this almost painful-at-times yearning has been a dream of mine too. Mail-order catalogs just didn’t provide the hands-on experience I craved. And local dealers oftentimes sold what they personally liked or could make the most money on, but not necessarily what I wanted to see!

My tradeshow company created the industry’s first Bowhunting Trade Show in Louisville, back in 1990, and now we’re staging the industry’s first-ever show designed strictly for you, the archery enthusiast – the Bowhunting Supershow!

As you know, we archers are very passionate about our sport! After years away from the trade show business I couldn’t get the idea out of my head. The need of bowhunters to see, touch and shoot the vast array of archery products is stronger than ever. Today’s archery industry provides the consumer with an incredible array of products; and as technology constantly adds to the mix, we passionate bowhunters are eagerly waiting to see all the new products!

From longbows to recurves, compounds to crossbows, sights to broadheads, releases to arrows, the archery industry is overflowing with innovative and exciting products! Whether you’re new to archery or a seasoned veteran, this show will have something to whet your whistle!

But Wait!
You don’t just want to see these products, you want to try them! With more shooting lanes than a fresh-cut Iowa cornfield (over 130!), our show will offer ample opportunity to try equipment before you buy. That’s huge and we’re sure you’ll agree! Come join us in Indy this spring, you’ll be glad you did!

for more information go to: Bowhunting SuperShow

One Response to "Bowhunting SuperShow – Indianapolis April 20-22"

  1. Robbie   2012/03/15 at 3:40 am

    Need to update about the SuperShow in Indy it has been cancelled.