Under Armour Unveils Exclusive Game-Changing Scent Control Technology

From: Eddie Stevenson – Driftwood Media

The Performance Brand Introduces Revolutionary Zeolite-based UA Scent Control Technology in 2012 Whitetail Collection

Under Armour, Inc., a leader in athletic performance apparel, footwear and accessories, debuts a new game-changing technology for the 2012 whitetail hunting collection, Under Armour® Scent Control. This exclusive technology revolutionizes the way hunters remain undetected in the field with an innovative Zeolite-based scent control system with silver anti-microbial that lasts ten times longer than the commonly used carbon-based technologies.

Under Armour has partnered with industry leaders to utilize an exclusive dual technology. Under Armour Scent Control uses a specifically engineered formula that effectively traps human vapor odor using synthetic zeolites and suppresses odor causing bacterial growth by employing a silver antimicrobial system. The anti-microbial is encased in the custom-engineered zeolite carrier, a synthetic lava far superior to carbon, to create the ultimate odor control material. Under Armour Scent Control not only captures more odor than traditional odor absorbers, but it also lasts longer, maintaining 99% effectiveness after 50 washes.

Under Armour Scent Control technology is integrated into the whitetail hunting apparel collection from baselayer to outerwear, but what about your gear? Also new for 2012, Under Armour delivers a total scent control program with the introduction of Under Armour Scent Control Spray. This spray formula contains the same game-changing zeolite technology, designed for use on all the necessary gear associated with the hunt. Use Under Armour Scent Control Spray on items like your bow, tree stand, backpack, and footwear to remain undetected and lethal in the field.

For more information on Under Armour Scent Control Products and Under Armour’s complete selection of performance apparel, footwear, and accessories, visit www.UA.com or www.alwayslethal.com.

About Under Armour, Inc.

Under Armour® (NYSE: UA) is a leading developer, marketer, and distributor of branded performance apparel, footwear, and accessories. The brand’s moisture-wicking fabrications are engineered in many different designs and styles for wear in nearly every climate to provide a performance alternative to traditional products. The Company’s products are sold worldwide and worn by athletes at all levels, from youth to professional, on playing fields around the globe. The Under Armour global headquarters is in Baltimore, Maryland, with European headquarters in Amsterdam’s Olympic Stadium, and additional offices in Denver, Hong Kong, Toronto, and Guangzhou, China.

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  1. Tom   2012/11/23 at 3:55 pm

    I am interested in the product. I know another company Hunter something has a undergarment that suppose to have 10 ties the silver thread as other leading brands. The questions I have are 1) what percent of the undergarment is silver thread, and 2) where can I find the field research performed on your product. The field test research would go a long way towards convincing people like me towards the purchase.
    In years past I would constantly keep old dirty sox, sweaty underwear and t-shirts hanging around my hunting area as well as urinating in the area and non-of these elements ever stoped deer from coming in to the area. I have trail cameras that show the cloths hanging on branches and limbs and deer feeding away. The only annoyance they seem to have is the flashes that come from the cameras, but little response. However, I rarely ever see a male even when I load the area up with doe in heat formulas.