ThermaCELL Starving Blood Suckers One Bowhunter at a Time!

Sponsored by: ThermaCELL

By: Kevin Reese

As an avid hog hunter, I spend a lot of time in areas where water is fairly prevalent; marshes, creeks, rivers, lakes, ponds, are all important attributes to hog habitat because of a hog’s need for water in terms of survival but also as a resource for creating wallows used to control both insects and body temperature; hogs do not have sweat glands and depend on other ways to cool off. Understanding hog habitat and my obsession with hunting them one might note that because I am hunting “wet” areas, I face another brutal foe, those pesky mosquitoes!

Author with two hogs, zero mosquito bites thanks to ThermaCELL.

Hunting hogs is where my love affair with ThermaCELL truly began. ThermaCELL operates off of a butane, heat plate and chemical pad system. Once ignited, the heat-plate warms up and vapor from the chemical pad is released. This vapor is what mosquitoes and black flies can’t tolerate. As hunters, fishermen, hikers, campers and anyone who spends time outdoors, we are always looking for a tool that keeps us bug free and hunters especially look for products without scent… and without resorting to rolling around in those wallows!

Compact, easy to carry and place unit keeps you mosquito free to enjoy your time outdoors.

ThermaCELL’s vapor emits an organic scent. Original ThermaCELL pads are based on a synthetic Chrysanthemum fragrance, something wildlife considers a non-threatening part of their natural environment. ThermaCELL also offers a new scent and my personal favorite, Fresh Earth. Fresh Earth accomplishes the same mission as the original pad but is also a great cover scent!

I can honestly give testimony under oath (and those who know me remember) that in years past I’ve had as many as 400 mosquito bites in a single hour while hunting hogs in my favorite spot near a marsh. But since discovering ThermaCELL in that same stand, I have yet to receive a single bite! Don’t just believe me, believe others. If you hunt in areas steeped in mosquitoes or black flies, chances are good that you already have friends using ThermaCELL units during their outdoor adventures.

Cold feet? Not when you have these in your boots.

ThermaCELL offers a complete line of defense against mosquitoes and black flies from individual ThermaCELL units to larger picnic, outdoor and camping ThermaCELL lanterns. ThermaCELL now also offers rechargeable Heated Insoles! Running insole temperatures between 100 – 111 degrees, there is never a season where ThermaCELL shouldn’t be a part of your gear! Visit to see their complete line of ultra-innovative products!