Tater Takes Up The Trail

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Billy Don let Tater out of the pickup. Tater loves to track and he was so excited he was trembling all over. We walked over to where the shot was made and Tater took off with Billy Don in tow, but way to the left of the way the buck had run. Then Tater returned and made a tight circle. And he hit the trail.

Billy Don had him on a leash and Tater pulled on it as he followed the buck’s trail. Eighty yards out we were at the edge of the deep gulch that cuts through my property. Josh saw my arrow on the ground. I picked it up and there was plenty of blood on half of it.

Tater stopped a few yards ahead of us and Billy Don unhooked the leash. Tater made a tight circle. And pealed off into the gulch.

Ten yards down the incline he slammed on the brakes. Josh could see him through the trees … and called out, “Tater is standing on top of your buck!”

It would have been cool to get a picture of Tater on top of the buck but he is just too hyper for a photo sitting. This will have to do.

We were all stoked. We were prepared for the worst but Double Brow Tine had gone only 120 yards. I wanted everybody to be in the pictures so we got busy with the picture taking.

Josh, Kayla and Robbie Beckwith and me with the Double Brow Tine buck. Robbie and I have bowhunted together since he was 12 years old.
This is a close up of the double brow tines and some stickers. The bases are over 6 inches.
That's Kayla, Tater and Billy Don with me for this picture.
And one last picture of me with my Double Brow Tine buck.

In the last picture (above) you can see a mark above his shoulder, that is where my first shot was. Hitting the tripod took the umph out of my arrow. The cut is healed up and never slowed him down. In fact, those gouges and scars on his hip, face and neck hurt him more.

Double Brow Tine’s teeth were rounded and worn down. The biologist aged him at 8 years old and past his prime. To me, Double Brow Tine is a true trophy of a lifetime.

Equipment And Comments


My Alpine Fireball is a super hunting bow. Bob Proctor did it right with this fine bow. It is consistently accurate, shot after shot. During the turkey season I set the bow down to 58 pounds and it still has plenty of power and shoot very flat. So I left it at that poundage for deer season too. The Fireball is quiet, in fact it is absolutely the quietest bow I have ever shot. This is a great bow.


Appropriately enough, I used Whitetail Special with a 2-inch cut and it put the buck down in 120 yards. Grim Reapers shoots and groups like my field points and that makes it easy to practice.  Grim Reaper broadheads have proved to be tough and accurate for me on wild hogs, deer, wild turkey and bears. I like these broadheads a lot.

Leupold Optics

For the deer hunt I am using the Mojave binocs from Leupold. They are the 10 x 50 model. I like the 10 power because it’s the biggest size I can hand hold. The field of view in these fine binoculars is clear, edge to edge. They work great in the thick woods too.

SpyPoint Game Cameras

I have 3 different SpyPoint trail cameras. They were a big asset to this particular hunt. I moved them around and located Double Brow Tine and learned where he was and what time. SpyPoint lets me know what is coming to my hunting areas. And even more importantly, what is coming during daylight hours.


At the ATA Show in January I learned that all living beings constantly produce electromagnetic EMR energy waves. When you are excited you generate more and this energy spike can be picked up by animals and tip them off to your presence, because scientific research proves that game animals can sense changes in their EMR environment. HECS clothing blocks 90% of your EMR. So I ordered a set. It appears to be helping out.

Heartland Wildlife Institute

My food plot was Rack Maker. The mix has legumes and alfalfa and my past experience with it alfalfa keeps growing in cold weather and deer are particularly drawn to it after heavy frosts hit. I prefer small plots 30 or 40 yards long and 15 yards wide. Does that work? Let me answer like this, 400 yards down hill from me is 300 acres of winter wheat or oats (depending on what the farmers plant in a given year). At night there are plenty of deer in their big fields. But during the day  they are in my little plot.


My carbon arrows were the V-Force from Victory Arrows. They shoot true and are tough. Their fletching is the Opti Vane from Goat Tuff Products. This vane is perfect for bowhunting. My arrow rest is the Whisperflite Fall Away rest from Alpine Archery. It is accurate and gives flawless arrow flight shot after shot. The Bowquiver is the 5 arrow model from Alpine Archery that can be removed from the bow in the stand, if preferred. The Peep is the Whisper Peep and it has vibration dampening material that makes this quiet bow even quieter. The bowsight is a Python from Cobra Archery. It was easy to sight in and its rheostat light makes the fiber optics show right up, even in a blind — that’s so dark inside a deer or hog or wild turkey can’t see you in it. My food plot was Rack Maker by Heartland Wildlife Institute. It has legumes and alfalfa in it and in my experience with it alfalfa keeps growing in cold weather and deer are drawn to it.


Every time, the last thing before leaving for the hunt I took a shower and used ATSKO Sport Wash to get totally scent free. It does the job. Beside the HECS pull over shirt and pants I wore black Cargo pants (with plenty of pockets) and a Long Sleeve T-shirt, both of which I bought at Wal-Mart. Plus I used a black face mask that I made. When it got cold I stayed warm and comfortable with the R4 fleece jacket from Patagonia as well as their expedition weight Capalene pant and turtleneck. Last year I got tired of getting cold and throwing away my money on cold weather wear that claimed it was warm but was NOT. Patagonia is the real deal. And my black Alpine Archery and Grim Reaper Broadheads cap topped it off.


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5 Responses to "Tater Takes Up The Trail"

  1. Zan   2011/12/22 at 5:18 pm

    Dude…. you’re gonna have to loose the camera when you want to make the shot! To heck with the video… enjoy the moment for what it is.. a deeply personal hunting experience!

    Congratulations Robert, that’s a fine buck, and a magnificent trophy. I’m happy you came out on the good side of it all.

    Merry Christmas bud. ~Me

    Hi Billy Don & Tater!

  2. Roy Keefer   2011/12/22 at 7:10 pm

    Beautiful buck Robert, congrats. You may remember a few years ago Tater found a buck for me. Give Tater a steak for me and tell Billy Don I said “hi”.

  3. Collin Cottrell   2011/12/22 at 7:22 pm

    Awesome buck Robert! Congrats! Good work Tater! Hello Billy Don!

  4. clesson cottrell   2011/12/23 at 2:26 pm

    Good job Robert! Great buck!

  5. Lee   2011/12/28 at 11:10 pm

    i enjoyed the many write-ups on the quest for double-brow tine buck! i am happy that you finally were able to take him down after such an emotional ride. Congratulations to you!