Double Brow Tine Buck: Again

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Before I left for Ohio the last of October I had another encounter with the Double Brow Tine Buck. Here is what happened. In case you didn’t read about it, I saw this picture on my SpyPoint game camera. It was taken at 7:42 during the night.

The next afternoon a mature buck walked out of the gulley to the east and came over to a couple of does that were in my immediate area. As soon as I got the binocs on him I recognized the extra brow tine points

I videoed him and took some pictures too. When he finally got within bow range my cell phone rang with a loud dog bark tone. (I know I should have had the ringer turned off and I normally do. But just this once I failed to get it done.) And it cost me.

The Double Brow Tine Buck heard the dog barking and walked away. I had no way of knowing if he would be back or not.

I looked at my video and the pictures and took note of some things about this unique buck.

His left front leg had a lump or growth between the knee and shoulder. He did not walk with a limp so it wasn’t a problem to him.

That night I looked through a bunch of game camera pictures and found one on the same SpyPoint camera that was taken the last week of September. His neck is not swelled yet but the extra brow tine points I.D. him positively.

Another thing I noticed from the pictures were the gouges and wrikles and scars he had on his face, neck and body. Check out his eyes and the wrinkles under his ears. This is an old buck.

That night I wondered if I would be able to locate this buck again.



Many Thanks to the Bowhunting.Net 2011 Bowhunting Deer Sponsors:

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One Response to "Double Brow Tine Buck: Again"

  1. Thomas Wilbanks   2011/12/13 at 6:34 am

    Great to see some of your homeplace stories and pictures. I miss your daily hunting
    log you have done in years past.