New Insider Release from Jim Fletcher Archery

New from the Fletcher Release experts is the Insider Release. This well designed Release Aid is designed for use with a String Loop and resets after every shot. It features a reliable, smooth operating roller system for the ultimate in trouble free performance with zero trigger travel.

New Insider Release

The highly efficient forward trigger design of the Insider also helps gain back the draw length that is normally lost when using a String Loop. The hook is specifically designed to quickly and easily attach to the String Loop and then release cleanly resulting in a smooth, consistent shot every shot.

The trigger mechanism is easily adjustable from heavy to hair trigger for the consistency needed for ultimate accuracy and dependability.

The new Insider Release comes with an attractive hard anodized bronze finish with either a Deluxe Leather Buckle Strap or Deluxe Nylon Strap with Velcro® Closure. The Insider carries a Lifetime Warranty on all metal parts.

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