HECS – The Evolution of Concealment

Sponsored by: HECS – The Evolution of Concealment

It is a proven scientific fact that every living creature creates a significant EM Field. It has also been proven that animals are capable of detecting and reacting to these fields. Hunters know too well that game animals become more wary and more cautious the closer they get to humans even when silent, in favorable wind conditions and while remaining still while wearing camouflage clothing. The innovators at HECS have designed a line of clothing that features a special conductive grid that effectively blocks human EM energy emissions making the wearer significantly less detectable to animals.

Ty Weaver was able to stalk to shooting range of this giraffe because of his HECS.

“ With our advanced line of hunting clothing, our goal was to attenuate the Human EM signature that science has proven animals detect and react to.” said HECS President Mike Slinkard “Wearing HECS allows hunters to get closer to more relaxed game than ever before. Our unique fabric is designed with a special interlocking grid of extruded conductive carbon yarn that blocks the EM Field. This grid works much like the conductive door grid which protects the user from the kitchen microwave oven.”

Steve Alleman was able to walk up and put the HECS on this 4 bearded turkey that scored number 3 in TX records.

Slinkard continued; “HECS has been thoroughly tested by qualified independent research groups as well as some of today’s most successful hunters. We have recorded astonishing interactions where HECS clothing has been proven effective in keeping animals calmer and more relaxed when in close proximity to humans.”

Bowhunter and TV host put the HECS on this nice whitetail.

HECS clothing may be worn under or over other clothing and is extremely lightweight and breathable. Each garment is made of 14% conductive carbon/86% polyester and is machine washable.

Yep, Brad Gohlke another HECS wearer with more proof nailed this TX whitetail.

HECS represents one of the most significant technological advancements in the science of human concealment and truly represents the Evolution of Concealment.

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