Wild Hogs: Found

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I wanted to watch more area so I moved the SpyPoint across the narrow opening where I felt I could catch the wild hogs I was photographing, plus see where they were coming from. I cinched the camera to a fence post. The fence is down but the post is still there.

I took a week and a day until my SpyPoint game camera picked up some wild hogs during daylight hours — it was July 22 at  7:49 pm.

The area the camera is looking at is along the fence in this picture. From where I have the camera we can see the other side of the fence.

On July 29 I picked up a wild hog group coming along the fence on the opposite side at hog thirty. Notice the hogs on the far right, one of the black ones is a real bomber.

Here are some more hogs a day later.

In the other pictures I couldn’t tell this, but this picture shows the hogs shoving themselves under the bottom rung of the fence and pushing it up so they can get through.

On July 31 there was another picture of the hogs ready to come under the fence.

Now we’re talking. These wild hog visitors are coming through the area on one side or the other of 8:00 pm.

It’s time to go bowhunting for wild hogs.

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