New Tiny-W Trail Cam from Spypoint with Remote Black Box

From: Todd Coppernaul – The WPM Group

SPYPOINT Trail Cameras Releases New “Tiny-W” Trail Cam
“Black Box” certain to change the standards of the industry.

GG Telecom, makers of Spypoint Trail Cameras, has begun shipping their new ‘Tiny W’ trail cameras to US and Canadian retailers.

New Spypoint 'Tiny-W' with remote Black Box

Tiny-W exclusive features:

  •   2.4” Viewing Screen
  •   The Tiny-W is supplied with a ‘Black Box’ which allows the user to hide anywhere around 50ft from the location of camera (While 50′ is the recommended distance, cameras have been known to function properly up to 150 ft). The ‘Black Box’ is where a backup of all photos is recorded and stored. All photos are recorded in the camera but also in the Black Box. If someone steals the camera in the field, you will have all images taken including photos of the thief stored on the ‘Black Box’.
  •   The other BIG advantage of the ‘Black Box’ is scent control. If the user is concerned about leaving scent at the camera location all photos may be retrieved from the ‘Black Box’ without contaminating the hot spot.

SPYPOINTs New ‘Tiny’ Trail Cam also features zero-second trigger speed among the features

Features of the ‘Tiny’ Trail Cam

  •   No trigger time. The Tiny W has an extra detector on each side. Normally the trigger time on a trail camera depends on how quick the camera can turn ON from the sleep mode. As soon as the detector detects, it triggers the camera to take a photo. SPYPOINT put two extra detectors (one each side) at 70 degrees – these detectors wake the camera up earlier allowing the 5 zones detector to take the shot of the animal when it is right in the middle of the photo! ZERO trigger time.
  •   8 Megapixels
  •   VERY SMALL unit
  •   Sliding Mount, – easy to set up and easy to secure
  •   Time lapse option (plot watcher). This allows the camera to take a photo every 30 seconds, every 5 minutes….up to once every 60 minutes. This function turns OFF the motion detection, the camera will automatically take a photo at your preset intervals. This is ideal for watching your large plot, where the distance of the deer may exceed the normal detection range.
  •   6 x AA, lithium pack and solar panel compatible

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