Have More Success Using Scents

By: Bill Moore President of Hot Trails

Heated deer scent is more like the scent of a live, warm blooded animal and since heat rises the air currents take the scent farther into the woods. Here’s how to use it to your advantage.

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It was back in 1989 and I was hunting on a ranch in western Dimmit County, Texas. By Texas standards a fairly large place, 110,000 acres, called the Farrias Ranch. My friends and I were only hunting on part of it, 5000 acres, but it was known to have some very good deer. Up until this time in my hunting life I was just like everyone else, using liquid scent, because it was all there was to use.

This part of Texas is known as the Brush Country and nothing grows much over 10 feet tall. No climbing stands used here.

We hunt from tower stands, ground blinds, or from elevated racks on the back of pickup trucks. We hunt openings in the brush, roads, or senderos. A sendero is a long, cleared opening like a road which has not been used for a long time and brush is taking it back over.

This particular afternoon I was hunting from my truck looking down two senderos. I went out about 2 in the afternoon for a good 4-hour hunt. After getting to my position, I carefully got down with my 35 mm film canisters packed with cotton, my liquid scent, and started putting out my doe in heat scent for my afternoon hunt. After having walked around for about 20 minutes, putting out my scent, I got back up in my truck stand for the afternoon hunt.

About 5:30 several bucks came out and went right by my scent bombs and never even lifted up their heads. Nope, I swear they never knew they were even there. That’s the day I started thinking about a better way to distribute scent, this was the beginning of HOT TRAILS® SCENTED HUNTING CANDLES.

Hot Trails® can be used in just about any type of hunting situation you can imagine.

Author with one of his many Hot Trails bucks.

When you are using a scent, what do you want to happen?
That’s a dumb question, of course you want to kill a deer, but what has to happen for that results?

  1. The scent has to become airborne so it can be carried in the wind.
  2. The scent should be able to sustain itself, keep producing the same smell for a long period of time,
  3. The scent should be capable of traveling a long distance and leaving a trail for the deer to follow it back to its source.
  4. Hot Trails® does all of the above, plus it also heats the scent making it more like the scent of a live, warm blooded animal and heat rises so the air currents can take it farther.

The title of this article is ‘Have More Success Using Scents’, so I guess I should start giving out some tips.

Since Hot Trails® scent carries out to over 500 yards you can strategically place the candle to penetrate the exact area you want.

• If you know where a bedding area or staging area where animals gather before entering a field, you can now hunt this area without getting too close and scaring the deer off.
• Get 100 or so yards upwind of the area you want to hunt, place the candle  upwind of your location and let the wind carry the scent to the deer.
• You have 4 to 5 hours of burn time in the candle  so sit back and let the wind and scent work for you.
• Some times a buck will come in and actually burn his nose on the top of the lantern and then sometimes he will stop short. This is why I say to place the candle upwind of your location. For example, if the wind is blowing from your left to right, place the candle at a 45 degree angle to your left and out away from your location. This way, whether the deer comes to the candle or stops short of it  he will still be in front of you and in a perfect position for your shot.

I still hunt in the Brush Country, actually I manage a 12,000 acre ranch for hunting and when I find areas too thick for me to get into I get upwind and let the candle pull the deer out for me.

I had a fellow send me a picture of a deer he shot in Alabama. It was the 2nd best deer killed that year in his state and he pulled him out of a swamp using a Hot Trails Candle. The deer was living on an island and anything approaching him would make noise in the water and alert him to trouble. It took Hot Trails to entice this trophy buck out of his hideaway and it was the last time he did.

This happy customer used Hot Trails to entice this island buck to meet its destiny.

If you hunt in areas where there lots of gully’s and ravines you can use the wind to blow the scent either up or down the ravine to see if there are any animals bedded down in these hard to get places.
I use the Doe-n-Heat from early in the season all the way thru the rut. Sometime I burn both Doe-n-Heat and Dominant Buck at the same time. If I rattle, I always use both.

Since in Texas it is legal to bait with corn, I use the Deer Corn candle when I hunt a new area. I put corn on the ground and burn the candle so the smell will get out where the deer can smell it. If you hunt in a State where you can bait but not hunt over it, feed corn, take it up and burn a candle when you hunt. The animals are used to the bait and when they smell the corn candle they come in expecting to find more corn.

Hot Trails Scented Lure Candles - Bring the deer to you with Hot Trails

I’m not really much of a writer but I’ll try, over the next few months to write more about how to use our Hot Trails® Candles. And, if you want to talk about Hot Trails and how they can be used to help you be more successful in the woods, please give me a call at 800-927-7404 (Toll Free) or Email me at bmoore@hottrails.com and we can talk about it.
Hundreds of thousands of candles have been burned in the wood since our first candles were sold with satisfied customers all over the United States, Canada and Mexico. We have even sold some to folks in France and Italy.

One of the biggest problems I have is getting some hunters who use Hot Trails® to tell their friends about it. I know men who travel 30 miles to buy them at shops were nobody knows who they are, just so their hunting buddy’s don’t find out the secret to their success. C’mon guys, help me out. Don’t hide Hot Trails from your friends. Share it.

Have a great Hunting Season. I hope you’ll try our Hot Trails® Candles because I know they will work for you and help you get the trophy you’ve always wanted.

For Information go to:  Hot Trails Scented Hunting Candles

One Response to "Have More Success Using Scents"

  1. Les Hydovitz   2011/10/27 at 7:17 pm

    I’ve been using the Hot Trails candles for three years now. I live in Resiterstown Maryland and I hunt an area that I call “Suburban Archery” It’s about a 25 acre plot at the edge of a main highway and a residential area. The deer are pretty timid at hunting time, lots of activity (human). But with the candles I have bagged a few nice deer. My eight point from last year is mounted over me as we speak and I already got a 7 point this year.
    I have watched bucks stop in their track and back track to the candle and even walk right up to the candle holder and sniff it. Right about then they get a arrow in their side. lol The tricky part is knowing when to use the candles. Using them too early I have found, only scares the bucks away. Using them prerut and rut work great. The wind has a great deal to do with sucess and I always keep track of wind direction. The candle holder keep the candle burning rain or wind. I have also found out that when it is raining the scent is held closer to the ground. I watched 5 bucks in prerut circle a candle once during a light rain.
    Thanks Les