NAP Releases New Spitfire Maxx & Bloodrunner 2-Blade

From: Kim Cahalan – Media Direct

New Archery Products, the industry leader in archery accessories, is introducing the Spitfire MAXX and Bloodrunner 2-blade in 125grs.

Bloodrunner 2-Blade, 125 gr

The Spitfire MAXX features a 1-3/4” cutting diameter, with a cut-on-contact blade out-front. The Bloodrunner 2-blade offers a 2-1/16” cut with the blades fully deployed. Both 125gr. models are now available in stores.

Spitfire Maxx 125 gr

For more information on New Archery Products, contact: NAP, 7500 Industrial Drive, Forest Park, IL 60130; phone: 800.323.1279