Last Call For A Rio: Skunked

When I arrived home after the Big Johnson Outfitters turkey hunt I got ready for the last few days of of our wild turkey season.  I set up a Primos Dark Horse in a group of large pecan trees adjacent to a planted field of corn, which is adjacent to the nearby river. Then I put a blind on a ridge above the river at a sharp turn where the turkey action has always been good.

Daybreak the next morning, I was waiting in the blind, expecting to hear a few gobbles, either distant or near by.

I didn’t.

But I did see plenty of mosquitoes. However my ThermaCELL wasn’t in my truck. Yikes!

That afternoon I went to the ridge above the river. Nothing happened, turkey wise.

This time, I made sure I had my ThermaCELL and was  plenty glad I did. The temperature was in the 90’s and all the mosquitoes in the area were fired up.

The next day I hunted the same blinds, certain that I wouldn’t zip twice in a row. But I did.

After the next morning’s hunt I drove into town and went to Wal-Mart to get boxes of ThermaCELL refills. I wanted to be sure I didn’t run out.

So the following morning I hunted the ridge and got a gobbler talking. Minutes later a shotgun blast rang out and I didn’t hear any other turkey talk during the next 3 hours that I hunted.

For the afternoon hunt I moved near an area I call the Point and set up my Double Bull ground blind  at the edge of the woods where I had a good view of the surrounding area.

In less than a minute I set up a Primos Double Bull Dark Horse and was ready to hunt gobblers.

It was scalding hot. I called briefly, and loudly, every 15 minutes and was having no luck. After a while the sun got lower and the shadows were longer. Right after one of my calling sequences I saw something turkey sized about 100 yards away, running through the tall weeds in my direction.

It was closing fast and I quickly got my bow and nocked an arrow. When I looked up I got a real surprise.

A skunk. And it ran right to my Jake decoy!

I grabbed my iPhone and took it’s picture.

The skunk moved further away from my decoy and I got another picture. His tail was up but, so far, he had not sprayed.

I was hoping he wouldn’t. He wasn’t even 10 yards away.

Then he hurried by me, and I mean right by me, probably 4 yards away. I risked another picture.

That was a first for me. A skunk coming to a turkey call.

No turkeys came by. The next day was the last day of the season. What to do now?

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