What’s Your Choice?

First I want to introduce myself, my name is Ricky Philippi and I am an avid outdoorsman and hunter. I’ve lived in Texas my whole life and hope to stay here forever. I love the Lone Star state, the deer are big and the fishing is awesome. I have always wanted to make a living in the outdoors or baseball because those are 2 of the only things I really understand. That is just how I was raised and I am thankful for it.

Recently, I started the Outdoors Choice web site (www.outdoorschoice.com). This website is a very professional Outdoorsman social networking website. Outdoors people have the capability of sharing information and anyway possible, from videos, pics, forums, blogs, buying and sailing, posting 2 different types of maps (tracking and plotting). With all this being said the whole Social networking is free of charge. All you have to do is enter your email and make a password and than the sky is the limit.

The map feature to me is the best part. For example my buddies were asking me where the sand bass were spawning on the creek and I never had a chance to walk out there with them and show them. So what I did was went to the map feature ad plotted exactly where I was hammering them and told them to go to Outdoors Choice and look at my map and see.

For example say you are going hunting in Alaska for a week you can track where yo plan on hunting so if something happens to you and nobody hears from you for a couple of days, whoever you let see your map could go to it and help give information about where you might be and it very well could save your life.

I know a lot of you guys and gal’s are going to be like “well I don’t want people knowing my fishing or hunting spots”, I understand that, so you have the option of sharing it only with certain people. The map feature can be used for game management and also safety reasons.

Keep in mind I watch the site very closely, therefore It will stay very outdoor professional. This is not a dating site or a place to meet people. When you even build your profile there is not a status option like some of these other sites. A lot of these other outdoor websites just care about how much traffic they can get on it, where as Outdoors Choice is Outdoor professional social networking only.

I hope all of you who love the outdoors as much as I do take advantage of Outdoors Choice and start networking and building our group bigger. It is up to all of us to keep the outdoors what it is, it would be awful to start losing our rights in the outdoors. That is why my choice is the Outdoors forever. “What is your choice?”

Ricky Philippi
Outdoors Choice

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