Spot Hogg Improves Scope Housing

Spot Hogg Archery Products
Spot Hogg Archery, makers of the “World’s Toughest Archery Products” announces improvements to their single pin scope models for 2011.

When you make the “World’s Toughest Archery Products”, it’s not always easy to craft features that enhance the products you already offer – but like anything, there’s always a little room for improvement. With that in consideration, Spot Hogg Archery announces their 2011 single up pin scope models have received a practical facelift that will improve durability and overall function.

The more noticeable of the upgrades is each the scope housing now includes a tap for a sight light, eliminating the need for an aftermarket light mount kit. Now it’s a matter of simply screwing in your Spot Hogg light directly to the scope. This upgrade amounts to fewer parts, less screws and the piece-of-mind of knowing that your light will remain snug and secure no matter how many shots you fire each year. Each model will continue to include four mounting holes on the rear of the scope allowing for the addition of lenses, a Tagged Out rangefinder or other sight-mounted accessories. The location of the new sight light also offers superior illumination of the pin- meaning even in waning daylight your sight pin will be highly visible.

Each unit has also taken on a new internal black covering that veils the wrapped fiber optic material on the inside of the scope housing. However, there is no sacrifice in pin illumination thanks to six openings on the scopes exterior designed to gather copious amounts of ambient light. These new features present an added measure of protection for delicate fibers while eliminating distracting halo, glow or reflection on the scope’s interior surfaces.

Each Spot Hogg single up pin scope is constructed from 6061 Aircraft grade Aluminum, sports a precision bubble level, features windage marks for meticulous placement and contains a white alignment ring. But that’s not all – each unit also offers archers the combination of famed Spot Hogg durability and top-notch finishing that has garnered loyalty amongst hardcore bowhunters. Single up pin scopes are available with .029-, .019- and .010-inch fiber sizes in red, green or yellow. They are offered as an option for the Hogg Father, Boss Hogg and Tommy Hogg sight models or can be purchased as an upgrade for an MSRP of $31.00 (scope only).

For more information on upgraded Spot Hogg single pin scopes or to learn more about the entire line of Spot Hogg products visit or call (888) 302-7768.