Snow Day

After coffee and breakfast the landowner drove us out to the blind. With the wind chill it was in the teens … but we were there … the turkeys were there … we might as well try to hook up.

This morning was foggy and snowy. Just the kind where you’d think wild turkeys would stay on the roost until there was more visibility. But … that was not the case. Early on we saw a group of turkeys come towards our location. They came on ok, but passed us on the opposite side of the fence on our left.

Before long a few hens came from the river and ducked under the fence. Notice the snow on this hens back.

A jake and hen came by slowly. Here they are picking at and grooming themselves.

Things were slow and at last a small mixed group came through.  Wild turkeys are always looking for something to eat and one would assume they don’t pass anything by. Below, three jakes are picking the tasty morsels out of what is know in the country as cow  pie.

We got picked up for lunch. The ranch house felt extra comfortable today. It was good to get out of the cold and the wind. The UPS driver came with a package for the ranch. The drive way is a sharp angle down hill and the driver couldn’t make it back up the snowy drive in two tries. Then he put on chains and backed way up to get a better run at it. This time he made it up the hill.

The afternoon was slower than expected. But we did see a few turkeys.

The last two hours were even colder and I was glad to have on my wool cap in addition to my face and neck mask and cap.

The last wild turkey we saw looked as cold as my hands.

Sitting all day in the wind and cold made us hungry and Collin and I did some major damage to our home cooked dinner and desert. I turned in early and was glad for it the next morning. I couldn’t know it then, but things were fall in place today.