LOG6 Ozone Scent Elimination


From: Tony Follis

“We are extremely excited about the new technology that we have developed,” says Vice President Tony Follis. “We feel we offer a true advantage to help hunters get as scent free as possible.”

Log6’s ultra pure ozone eradicates scent you put off or leave behind by using Log6 Ozone to virtually kill all odors. Not just some of the odor, virtually all odor! It also kills mildew, mold, and other odor causing organisms. Nothing kills and removes odor from clothing like ozone. Washing, antimicrobial treatments and activated carbon do not kill odor. LOG6 OZONE DOES!

State-of-the-art “Corona Discharge” Technology
Log6 employs the latest ozone generating technology called Corona Discharge (CD) Technology, which results in a purer form of ozone. Perhaps more importantly, CD Technology is maintenance free! Unlike the “plate” technology used by others, which requires periodic maintenance to continue performing, Log6’s CD technology means long-lasting performance without maintenance. You can also use Log6 in a closet,
truck cab, or other enclosed space! It will effectively treat up to 300 sq ft!

Pure. Effective. Safe.

NEW Revolutionary Products!
Log6 has created a complete arsenal of products to kill odor by utilizing the very latest ozone technology to eliminate scent from your hunting clothing and gear. These products work great with all gear and all types of clothing.

“Not only do we utilize the latest ozone technology but we have applied that technology to some real ground-breaking designs and concepts for different hunting situations and hunting gear,” stated Tony.

Log6 2011 Advanced Product Line Up

Ground Zero™ – The newest ozone generator that eradicates scent by virtually killing all odors.
• Ultra pure ozone
• Kills virtually all odors
• Easy and safe to use on all hunting clothing and equipment

Death Row™ – New micro solar powered ozone generator for the hunter on the go.
Micro portable Death Row™ is small but deadly powerful when it comes to killing odor.
• Death Row™ ultra-pure ozone eradicates scent you put off or leave behind by virtually killing all odor
• Portable solar powered or plugs into a cigarette lighter
• Great for use in a closet, truck cab or other closed space

Double Barrel Destroyer™ – The first ozone/boot dryer combo.
Destroy foot odor with the Double Barrel Destroyer™. The Portable Double Barrel Destroyer™ is the first
Ozone technology that dries and kills odor at the same time!
• Utilizes the latest ozone technology to destroy odor
• Dual Action – Dries and kills odor
• Portable and breaks down for easy storage and transportation

Death Chamber™ – The portable scent treatment closet.
The Death Chamber™ makes de-scenting your hunting clothes faster and more effective. The new Death
Chamber™ portable Ozone Treatment Closet gives you a confined and organized means of treating up to
five sets of camo clothing plus boots, accessories and gear.
• Hang garments on internal hanger rod
• Shelf for hats, gloves and accessories
• Full-front U-shaped zipper for easy access
• Folds down for easy transport and storage
• Use the Death Chamber™ in your house, garage, motel room or hunting camp

The Original Log6 – The original proven ozone generator.
The Log6 utilizes the very latest ozone technology to eliminate scent from your hunting clothing and gear. Simply load an airtight container, connect Log6 and turn it on.  Works great with all types of clothing and gear.

Look for the new Log6 lineup in the top sporting goods retailers and pro shops this fall.

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