At The Gate

After lunch we decided to put a Double Bull on the hill top overlooking the picked corn fields.  I’ve hunted here in past years and had some gobbler luck, plus this morning dozens of wild turkeys went there as they headed out to their day’s happenings.

We set up the Primos Dark Horse ground blind near the gate on the hill. This morning the turkeys funneled through that open gate. If the turkeys returned this afternoon and went through the gate the way they did this morning we had a good spot.

In a douple of hours the bright sun slid behind the accumulating clouds in the sky. The wind picked up, the temperature dropped a little, and the clouds turned into an overcast sky.

Soon, 60 yards down the slope, in the trees the first gobbler of the afternoon came through.

The gobbler cruised through and went into the picked corn field below us. Later some more showed up down hill in the trees. I didn’t call at the first gobbler because I wanted to see what it would do, but this time I called.

A pair of gobblers changed directions and came up hill our way.  But they changed course 60 yards from the blind and went to the picked corn field.

Four gobblers were next. A few yelps got them to come closer.

They stopped in the dried grass 30 yards away. I could see their heads in the tall grass but it was not a reliable shot.

They left toward the picked corn field. Daylight began to fade and soon Collin and I got out of the blind and glassed around. From our hill top vantage point we saw scores of wild turkeys in the big field past the picked corn field.

Here is a view of the field. Today the majority of the wild turkeys may have left via our hill but this afternoon they returned in that field.

The turkeys were en route to their roost trees. We watched for a while and then went to the ranch house. The aroma of  fired chicken greeted us when we opened the door. Oh boy was that home cooked fried chicken delicious. And so was the mashed potatoes and scratch made gravy.

We visited with our friends for a while and went upstairs for a good nights sleep. As I pulled the covers up i thought that tomorrow morning, if those turkeys left the way they did this morning, they would have some bow and arrow type company.

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