Don’t Shoot Boring, Shoot Arrowmat!

Tired of shooting the same old target face? Want some target variety and shoot a target face that will actually take 1,000 shots and be replaceable with a variety of faces to shoot at? Welcome the new Arrowmat.

The Arrowmat is a patent pending concept in replaceable targets invented by Blair Acker who, like most archers, got tired of shooting dull targets that needed frequent replacement.

“I was shopping in an Office Supply store, still thinking how boring it was to shoot paper plates when I came across a computer mouse pad display. The light went on. These pads were made of a heavy duty, closed foam rubber material with a neoprene face that featured an array of eye-catching graphics. I bought an 8″ x 8″ pad and over the next several months shot hundreds of arrows at this mouse pad. Not only did it hold up extremely well to arrows but it was weather resistant. I got with a manufacturer and then added a dye sublimation process to be able to offer a full line of target faces. The results are outstanding. Arrowmat is a boon to archers in that the product is extremely durable, easily changed out and offers a wide variety of faces.”

Arrowmat Archery Targets are 17″ x 17″, weigh 13 ounces and feature four metal grommets to easily mount to any foam block target or other backstop capable of safely stopping an arrow. Each self healing ArrowMat Target face is lightweight, extremely portable and is simply rolled up for storage.

The Arrowmat product line consists of nine different targets segmented into three different categories: Arrowmat™ ‘Competition Series’, ‘Wildlife Game Series’ and the ‘Just For Fun Series’. New product research and development is ongoing with new and exciting designs coming soon.

Why Shoot Boring? – Shoot Arrowmat!

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4 Responses to "Don’t Shoot Boring, Shoot Arrowmat!"

  1. Gary Elliott   2011/05/19 at 1:06 pm

    In my review I found these to be well made and still looking great and holding up well after a few hundred shots. It really adds some fun to shooting and keeps you and your buddy’s from getting bored.

  2. Joe Rissin   2011/05/20 at 12:53 am

    How can you get bored shooting a long bow? Every time I hit the exact spot I aim for, it is exhilarating especially if I shoot a 5 arrow circle and then go dead center, we are talking at about 25′ in my basement. Plus hanging a string from above with a 1″ object tied on and on the swing (moving) a blast from beyond. I went out to the range I shoot at, (100 yds. and a good 100′ wide. Tied a string (fishing line) to the neck of a soda bottle, stuck an arrow in the ground 20 yds. out off to the side, my wife cranked in the line and the bottle skimmed along the ground across the range, it was a riot for about an hour, there were 8 of us long bows, re curves and compounds. Beyond fun. That is not boring!!!

  3. Gary Elliott   2011/05/20 at 12:14 pm

    That’s awesome and exciting as well. But, I think I was only commenting on the ArrowMat. Not to say those type of activities are boring and you can make archery fun without spending money. But the ArrowMats are nice!

  4. Joe Rissin   2011/05/21 at 1:03 am

    I didn’t mean to knock the arrowmat, I find ways to make it interesting even if it is not moving, like shooting groups in different areas of the target. To really add an edge shoot 2″ from the edge of the target, now that will get you. The best one is to make a square 6″ in size. First the corners then try to space 2″ apart and fill in the border. Now that is a Challenge especially with no sights (long bow). Technique: Angle your head over the arrow so it is under your eye, makes it a lot easier to aim. You are now looking down the shaft (Long bow, Re curve) or compound with no sights. It is great no matter what you use.