Nebraska: Hold Up


Without warning a bunch of wild turkeys hush mouthed their way through the trees to our left and walked into view. Another 30 seconds later and they would have seen us folding the blind up to move it.

This group was a mixture of hens and gobblers. Back in the trees I could see a few more on the way.

In contrast to the fast talking gobblers and hen earlier this morning, this group of wild turkeys was very quiet as they shuffled around.

The gobblers circled the hens and put visual pressure on the other gobblers.

Here is a wider view of what was going on now. It’s just what you want to see … but of course, 10 yards closer to the blind.

Here is the non-zoomed view from inside the Double Bull.

The group moved on through and passed us in the trees to our left and behind us. Nothing happened the next half hour and we glassed everywhere, saw nothing, and slipped out of the blind and walked  to the ranch house for some hot breakfast.

Fred had knocked down a big fanned Nebraska Eastern gobbler and before eating we went to the corn field and took a few pictures. Fred will tell you about his hunt in one of the next updates.

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