Mexican Wolf Recovery Program

By Jess Carey

When I looked for a title for the following factual wolf information, I had to look at the folks most impacted by Mexican Wolf Recovery. Many rural family ranchers have lost their peace of mind, lost their dreams, lost their pursuit of happiness, lost their livestock and lost their ranches. Collateral Damage Identification seemed appropriate. All damage was due to non-compensated wolf caused livestock losses, a “taking” by Federal wolves administered by Federal agencies and our own New Mexico Department of Game and Fish. These agencies will and have push Mexican Wolf Recovery forward knowing that their wolves are destroying family rancher’s ability to survive, in the end selling off their ranches. In fact, lost family ranchers are collateral damage to achieve Mexican Wolf Recovery.

Wolves fed upon cow while alive, 20 + pounds of muscle tissue eaten out around back end and pelvis. Wolves leave; cow stressed and tries to birth calf. Calf found half way out dead not fed upon by wolves; cow could not stand and was put down. This is a typical confirmed wolf depredation.

The purpose of the contained information is for you to be able to identify wolf presence in your area. People that do not have wolves on them yet and people who live outside the Mexican Wolf Recovery Area (BRWRA) are unaware of what to look for to identify wolf activity. Wolves travel a long distance and could be in your area. Unidentified depredations on livestock, killed pets and farm animals could be wolf interactions attributed to other causes.
Un-collared wolves have dispersed from the Blue Range Wolf Recovery Area (BRWRA) to other counties and parts of the State of New Mexico and Arizona. Look at the wolves put into the Yellowstone National Park, within a few years wolves dispersed from Yellowstone into Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Colorado.

Un-collared Mexican wolves have had 12 years to disperse into other parts of the state of New Mexico. Breeding and having offspring with other un-collared wolves, they in turn repeat the process. This is part of the hidden strategy of Mexican Wolf Recovery they do not talk or tell you about. This is also why the USFWS do not collar all wolves. The US Fish and Wildlife Service and the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish (the lead wolf recovery agency in New Mexico) are depending on un-collared wolf dispersals to saturate New Mexico and Arizona with wolves. The information in this document should help you identify wolf activity and who to call for an investigation to document wolf activity.

It is clear that wolf recovery agencies are managing family ranchers and not wolves. Now, the US Forest Service has entered Mexican Wolf Recovery big time and will be putting all types of wolf directives on the permitted grazing allotments.

Dog scalped by wolves at home, chunks bitten out of back end. He is lucky to be alive

Wolf agencies will tell you they have a solution for deprecating livestock killing wolves or habituated wolves who seek our humans and human use areas. Habituated wolves lack an avoidance response to humans and are bold, and fearless. Habituated wolves come to your home and in your front yard where your children play.

Non-positive wolf agency solutions for problem wolves are; hazing wolves away, supplemental feeding (to stop wolves from killing livestock), flaggery (flags on a shocking wire), and bang/rag boxes (to scare wolves). Some non-lethal schemes may work short term, but do not solve the problem of wolves killing livestock or cure flawed habituated wolves. What these non-lethal schemes do accomplish is give the wolf agencies something to write down in their reports to show their upper bosses that they have attempted to fix the problem knowing full well they will fail and prolong the problem.

There is only one positive cure for problem wolves and that is to remove them, period.

3 Responses to "Mexican Wolf Recovery Program"

  1. Roland Johansson   2011/04/30 at 8:14 pm

    Same problems here in Sweden.A good wolf is a dead wolf thats all to say
    about this problem to hold all this stupid people and discussion short wich
    don´t now better about this animal.

  2. Jesus Galeana   2011/12/25 at 9:30 pm

    I must disagree with you. In fact, to solve the problem between wildlife and human beings is to have an Earth without humans. The human species is the one responsible for most of the destruction of natural habitats and extinction of so many animal and plant species. Well, maybe not all humans should disappear, just those enemies of nature like you who think they are the owners of this world and believe they have the right to destroy all other kind of life. Wolves, and other predators and preys, were here before us. I don’t know if you are a man of faith, I don’t know if you believe in God, because if you do, you are even more wrong with such unfortunate way of thinking.

    • Rich Walton   2011/12/28 at 11:45 am

      Ah, where to begin; Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe God gave man dominion over the animals. So that pretty much includes wolves. I would assume. Jesus, I gather you are not a hunter because most hunters have great respect for the environment and those creatures that inhabit it. Hunter dollars, not environmentalist, or anti hunting groups fund the managed environment you seek to protect. As in all things, there is a natural existence between animal and man. thanks to intelligent game management hunters and fishermen have funded and supported and witnessed this coexistence that has seen game populations grow to unprecedented numbers that benefit millions of hunters and non hunters alike. The problem has been agenda driven anti hunting groups that has thrown this well managed environment off balance. the wolf has been allowed to ravage this environment to fit the agenda. Wolf populations, unchecked, have resulted a wholesale slaughter of the prey animals you say you want to protect. I find your choice between man and animals disturbing in that you, like so many misguided vegans would choose animals over man. Man has caused damage to the environment, for sure. We have needs that have caused most. I’ll close with the assumption that you live in a house or apartment, drive a car, ride a bus or bike, eat, etc. All of which contributes to the destruction of the environment. Correct?