Hunting In The Wind Tunnel

Tanner Feyereisen picked us up at Double K Guides headquarters. We made the obligatory stop at Mr G’s for some of their hot from the oven sweet rolls. Thirty minutes later he set up and put Fred and myself in two separate blinds.  We were on a hill 800 yards above the Missouri River.

Tanner Feyereisen talks to us as he drives to this morning's turkey hunting destination.

Boy was it windy this morning. Even with stakes holding down the blind it was quivering and jerking. Soon the sun brightened the sky with flame like colors.

Windy conditions continued to clobber us as a group of turkeys finally came up the slope and passed by Fred’s blind. A couple of gobblers were in the group but they didn’t come close enough.

As time passed we continued to see groups of wild turkeys coming and going on our hill. I called at them but because of the noise of the ripping wind they just could not hear me.

At 10:30-am we pulled the blinds and drove to the Ranch House Restaurant and ate a late breakfast. This place makes pancakes that are larger than the plate and as thick as 3 normal pancakes as well as biscuits and grave done right. Good stuff.

Tanner drove Collin and I to another area. We sneaked in and set a blind up half way down the slope of a hill next to some rolls of bailed hay.

Tanner Feyereisen stakes the Dark Horse bind down and I put our chairs and gear inside.

As we were  getting in the blind a large flock of wild turkey walked out downhill from us. Yikes, we were busted.

We pulled the blind and moved to a different area. When nothing happened there we moved to another place. The wind was still slamming and although we saw dozens of turkeys they didn’t play with us.

Back at camp another of Dave’s hunters brought in a monster Merriam’s gobbler. While we were sleeping the wind laid a bit and as we were optimistic about the next day’s hunt.

We are hunting with Double K Guide Service in Gregory, South Dakota. For more information visit or Email or call Dave Keiser at 605-830-2091.

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