Hunt Update March 31

Collin and I said goodbye to Troy Simpson and his family after a fine dinner at their house and left Alabama in the morning. We made good time on the way home, with only one hitch. A driver in the inside lane lost control of his Ford Focus and hit us on the passenger side. Since I was on that side it gave me quite a jolt. The next day my back started to hurt.

We had to leave for Nebraska in 2 days so I got in two chiropractor visits and felt a little better. But the Nebraska hunt has my lower back really hurting. Oh well, it’s the toll under the turkey hunting bridge.

The Nebraska hunt is over now and it was super. The internet availability was not good and I unfortunately could not get the daily hunts updated.

That brings us to the weather this year. A couple of years ago it was snowy and very cold.. Those frigid conditions returned this year. It snowed almost every day and didn’t get above freezing until yesterday.

That said, the turkeys were out. So were we.

Today we go to South Dakota to hunt with Dave Keiser at Double K Guide Service in Gregory. Tomorrow morning we will be hunting turkeys with Dave.

There is internet service at Dave Keiser’s and I can get updates up from there. We will get you updated on our Nebraska adventure as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, check out these Nebraska gobblers responding to calls and making turkey tracks in the snow… toward Collin and I in my ground blind. Enjoy.

I’ll check in after tomorrow morning’s hunt and let you know what happened at Double K.

Some Nebraska gobblers coming our way.

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