G5 Shock-Tite™ & Blu Glu™

G5 Announces Two Items That Will Solve Many Problems for Hunters

From: Glenn Walker – Providence Marketing Group

G5® Outdoors, the leading manufacturer in premium archery equipment and design introduces the new G-Lock™ Shock-Tite™ and G-Lock Blu Glu™. These two innovative products are a must for every serious archer’s tool kit.

G-Lock™ Shock-Tite™
The proven formula in the G-Lock™ Shock-Tite™ creates a powerful lock and seal, holding parts in place even during extreme vibration. Its versatile design makes it ideal for use with broadheads, field points, and accessory hardware. Also unlike many other compounds that dry up after sitting on the shelf, The G-Lock™ products have excellent shelf life so it will continue to work long after its initial usage. The final great quality is that with steady pressure and standard hand tools, parts coated with the G-Lock™ can easily be adjusted, removed, and reused.

This non adhesive, non anaerobic material can be used on more than just metal and works well in a variety of situations where a secure yet removable threading is desired. A bottle of G-Lock™ will retail for $14.99.

G-Lock™ Blu Glu™
The new G-Lock Blu Glu™ provides a solid yet flexible bond that’s ideal for installing inserts and fletching on your arrows. The Blu Glu™ provides instant adhesion in seconds. The blue translucent formula makes it easy to see good glue coverage and identify excess dripping before it’s too late. Despite going on blue the Blu Glu™ will dry practically clear. A tube of Blu Glu™ will retail for $16.99 (not for use with hidden insert systems).

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