Cass Creek Waggler™

Waggler™ Brings Predators Running

Cass Creek proudly introduces the ‘WAGGLER™’, the first high-tech, remote controlled hunting decoy for the predator hunter that combines sight, sound and scent.

Cass Creek’s EVP Charles Ricci made the announcement: “The new ‘WAGGLER is an amazing remote controlled hunting decoy designed for the predator hunter that features MAST™ technology (Multi Animal Scene Technology). Unlike any other predator decoy the ‘WAGGLER’ combines all the senses that alert and entice predator action.”

Sight, sound and smell all in one unit.

The ‘WAGGLER’ is a wireless unit that is operated remotely up to 100’ away.

And the tail expands in length to match the terrain.

First: the camouflaged decoy base features a height adjustable rod with fluffy animal tail with four adjustable motions/speeds for situational movement.

Second: the unit features ten real animal sounds including: Female howl, coyote food fight, Beta male call, defensive cat call, Cottontail distress, baby crows, faun distress, hare, fox pups and jack rabbit and with MAST the ‘WAGGLER’ allows two sounds at once to create the predator grabbing illusion of multiple animals.

Third: the ‘WAGGLER’ features a special scent chamber with low noise fan to allow for specific scent dispersion for the ultimate in realism.

Fourth: all components are neatly stored in the lightweight, easy to carry decoy base.
For the ultimate predator hunting decoy system the remote control ‘WAGGLER’ has set the new standard. ‘WAGGLER’ will bring predators on the run.

To see the ‘WAGGLER’ in action:

Waggler Predator Decoy

Waggler Predator Decoy

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