Turkey Road Trip To Florida

Robert Hoague
Robert Hoague

We drove to Fort Worth and went to the Apple Store for their newest design and video editing monster. It has a huge screen and Collin will be able to design and video edit better and faster now as we bring video coverage on the Grand Slam hunt this year. We had to wait for it to be set up so it was after 12:00 when we turned the BowMobile onto I35. I set down at my favorite Mexican restaurant Ojedas on Maple Ave. It was, as always, great. The hot sauce is the best and so is the rest.

Later we crossed the Mississippi River and got a motel in some town down the road. The only eating place open was a Shoney’s and the only thing worse than the food was the service.

Anyway, it’s a new day, the sun is shinning and we will be Florida bound in minutes.

It’s the Grand Slam 2011 road trip.

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