Rick’s Pick: The Rattlebox

Rick Philippi

When I come across an invention that I believe is advantageous for the BHN readers I like to let them know. Well I ran across one of those products and it is called The Rattlebox.

This is a rattling invention that is acoustically designed to match the sound of two mature 8 point bucks and not half racks like most rattling antlers on the market. Unequivocally, I can tell you first hand the sound is incredible. Another first-class feature with this product is that you can strap it to your leg and operate it with one hand while you hold your bow in the other thus minimizing any movement.

Go to www.bmoproducts.com where there is a very informative web site with an instructional video. This will be an up and coming product for the 2011 season.

Safe Hunting,