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Rick Philippi

To have the odds in your favor while hunting in the field, you need to use the best quality equipment available. I have been shooting Carbon Express for many years and it is amazing each year that goes by how they continue to improve on a product that is already quality through and through. There has not been one time over the past ten years that a Carbon Express arrow has let me down.

A known fact is that arrows with consistent spines will enable the hunter to shoot tighter, precise groups especially at an increased distance. Spine stability is the number one factor in arrow performance. Here is a cool fact, each and every single arrow at Carbon Express is laser checked for straightness to a remarkable 1/10,000 of an inch. Again, spine consistency is the NUMBER ONE dynamic in arrow performance and accuracy.

Carbon Express Maxima Hunter

Carbon Express has a complete lineup of arrows for all shooters different wants and needs. I personally shoot the Maxima Hunter’s. This arrow has the dual spine weight forward technology. The fusion of duel carbon creates two spines in one arrow resulting in rapid recovery and accuracy. Another nice characteristic with this arrow is the built-in weight forward technology. The advantage with this feature is a lighter and stiffer back- in that dramatically improves the recovery out of the bow and increase velocity and better penetration and accuracy.

Maxima Blue Streak Select

I started shooting the Maxima Hunter arrows last year and I noticed an increase in accuracy once I got out to 40 and 50 yards. It actually boosted my confidence which, hands down, makes me a better bowhunter especially at the critical moment of truth. In my opinion Carbon Express arrows are more durable than any arrow in the market place.

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