EXO2 For Cold Weather Hunting

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As a disabled hunter, one of the hardest things to deal with is the extreme cold. Heated clothing might just give you the added edge of warmth and comfort so you can enjoy your outdoor experience.

EXO2, a leading innovator in the outdoor world has introduced a quality line of heated clothing that when added to your outdoor gear will help combat the cold. EXO2 introduces “FabRoc” a breakthrough in heating technology that will change how you feel about heated clothing. The FabRoc material conducts heat itself and with ”Positive Temperature Coefficient” which provides a safe and soothing warmth. The are no wires running through the garments so there is no chance of a wire breaking making the product fail. EXO2 ‘s line of heated clothing include vests, mittens, t shirts, heated insoles, and heated bands. All come with rechargeable battery packs that can last from three to six hours depending on what setting you use. If you need to extend your time outdoors have an extra charged pack and replace the used battery. They also offer other products like jackets, gloves, and back supports that run off a 12 volt accessory socket. In testing the products here are the results that I found:

The Heated Vest:

The vest is lightweight and comfortable and has adjustable side straps for a snug fit. The FabRoc heat mats are not solid so that make a comfortable fit next to the body. The heat mats cover the kidney area to help keep your core warm. It comes with a large rechargeable battery pack that has adjustable settings from one to five. On the five setting I found the vest to get very warm but not to the point of getting overheated. . You should wear a shirt between your skin and the vest to avoid any discomfort.


Each mitten comes with it’s own rechargeable battery pack that fits securely in an elastic band that attaches to the mitten. They are light weight and flexible, not large and clumsy like some. The mittens have the all around heat technology so your hands do not get hot but you will not feel the cold..

The Heat Band:

This is one of the neatest items I have discovered to help you stay warm. It is a band with a Velcro attachment that you can put anywhere you need added warmth There is a three by three heat mat that operates of a rechargeable battery pack. I found that it can provide very warm heat and with it being portable it can be applied anywhere you need to help you stay warm.

Heated Insoles:

The insoles come in one size so you will need to trim them to fit your shoe. Each insole has its own rechargeable battery pack that attaches to a leg strap so it is conveniently out of the way. I tried the insoles by putting them on the floor and putting my feet on top but they did not get warm enough to notice. They need to be inside a shoe so the all around heat technology can work. Your feet do not get overly warm but you will not feel the cold.

For more go to: www.exo2theheatinside.com